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Physics Experimental solid state physics

  1. Apr 18, 2016 #1
    I wish if anybody can enlighten me about experimental solid state physics.
    What they do every day? I mean who enroll in this major what careers they can find after completing their master degree in it?
    Is their a ph.D related to this major?
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    Solid state physics, or more generally called condensed matter physics, is the LARGEST subdivision of physics under the American Physical Society. In fact, there is a good chance that this is the largest area of physics when compared to other areas. This is the area that is responsible for your microprocessor, your iPhone, etc... i.e. they study the physics of some of the most important material that you are using today.

    Condensed matter physicists study everything from your conductor, insulator, semiconductor, superconductor... all the way to supercooled gasses, superfluids, etc.. etc. When there are a gazillion of things interacting with one another, that is a physics that a condensed matter physicist might deal with.

    Experimentalists in this area perform experiments using various techniques to study the properties of material. The techniques used are so varied and so many, it is a daunting task to list them all here.

    Gosh, darn right there is!

    If you have time, read this:


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    Thanks a lot ZapperZ.
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