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Explain the energy levels of Samarium-154

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Problem Statement
Justify the energy levels of Samarium-154
Relevant Equations
Vibrational energy-Rotational energy
These are the experimental results for the energy levels of Samarium-154:

Screenshot (442).png

From 0+ to 8+ I recognize rotational energy:

$$E = \frac{l(l+1)\hbar^2}{2I}$$

But from there on I do not know how to justify the rest.

I have been reading that we sometimes get energy diagrams like above for even-even nucleus in the range 150-190. In such diagrams we can talk about new rotational bands, getting vibrational states and pair-breaking particle excitations.

I have been reading an interpretation of Erbium-164 (which is a similar case to Sm-154) from Krane but I still don't get it...

Screenshot (444).png

Screenshot (445).png

Thank you for your help.


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