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Explain this terminology Steel Cord?

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    What do people in the industry usually mean by steel cord? Is it the same as steel wire, steel rope?

    Pictures, Wiki, professional article/dictionary would be appreciated. I googled it but the results are still quite too blurry.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm guessing you're talking about wire rope. I've never heard it called "steel cord" -- in my experience, it's usually referred to as "steel cable".
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    Steel cord is a term often used in reference to the steel reinforcement in tires. The reinforcement is basically steel wire or cable as indicated here:
    http://www.arcelormittal.com/distributionsolutions/wiresolutions/steelcord/steel_cord [Broken]

    I think the only reason the term cord is used instead of wire or cable is simply a matter of industry terminology and historic usage. I'd guess that it came from the time when tires were reinforced with cord or rope type materials that were made of anything BUT steel, so when steel started being used to replace cord in tires, the tradition of calling it 'cord' remained.
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    Hey thanks guys, esp. Q_Goest, thanks for the link.

    No one from the industry with a definitive answer? May be I got wait for some while more...

    Also, what's skim compound?
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