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Explicitly dependent on time Lagrangian

  1. Jun 2, 2007 #1
    I need to turn this Lagrangian in one that is not explicitly dependent on time.

    L = \frac{\alpha}{2} (q^\prime + qbe^{-\alpha t})^2-q^2 \frac{ab}{2} e^{-\alpha t} (\alpha +b e^{-\alpha t})- \frac{k q^2}{2}


    I have already spent a lot of time around this problem but I am far from getting a satisfactory answer. Is there any method for doing this or is just by looking? Any help would be great! Thanks
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    Is there a transformation [tex]q ->\bar{q }= qf(\alpha + be^{-\alpha t})[/tex] that puts the explicit time dependence into q ?
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