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Extended or point source?

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    If you were using a single radio telescope (not an interferometer) how could you tell whether a radio source was a point source or extended source?

    I have searched the internet far and wide for many hours trying to answer this - I know what the difference between a point source and extended source is, but I'm not sure whether the question is asking for a simple or technical explanation. Is it something to do with the radio telescope data or how the radiation from the source is spread out on the dish when its received?
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    I assume you mean the usual in-effect single-pixel radio telescope at a single point in time. Then it is pretty much impossible to tell the difference, I think. The usual method then is to look at different points at different times. i.e. scan out the image over time. You can then detect its size, assuming its pretty much a constant source and really bigger than one pixel.
    Jim Graber
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