What is Libraries: Definition and 32 Discussions

A library is a collection of materials, books or media that are easily accessible for use and not just for display purposes. It is responsible for housing updated information in order to meet the user's needs on a daily basis. A Library provides physical (hard copies documents) or digital access (soft copies) materials, and may be a physical location or a virtual space, or both. A library's collection can include printed materials and other physical resources in many formats such as DVDs, CDs and Cassette as well as access to information, music or other content held on bibliographic databases.
A library, which may vary widely in size, may be organized for use and maintained by a public body such as a government, an institution/ schools, a corporation, or a private individual. In addition to providing materials, libraries also provide the services of librarians who are trained and experts at finding, selecting, circulating and organizing information and at interpreting information needs, navigating and analyzing very large amounts of information with a variety of resources. Hence, librarians go an extra mile to meet the user's need by ensuring that their users are satisfied with the information provided. A Librarian is one person who is expected to be very vibrant and innovative especially in this digital world.Library buildings often provide quiet and conducive areas for studying, as well as common areas for group study and collaboration, and may provide public facilities for access to their electronic resources for instance Computers and Desktop and access to the Internet. The library's clientele and therefore the services offered vary depending on its type: users of a public library have different needs from those of a special library, for example. Libraries may also be community hubs, where programs are delivered and people engage in lifelong learning. Modern libraries extend their services beyond the physical walls of a building by providing material accessible by electronic means, including from home via the Internet. Hence managing information in an information world has become very easy simply because information can be provided or being accessed virtually by people who are in remote areas and other places away from the Library.
The services the library offers are variously described as library services, information services, or the combination "library and information services", although different institutions and sources define such terminology differently.

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  1. M

    Requesting suggestions for languages, libraries, and architectures for parallel (and sometimes non parallel) numerical and scientific computations

    A lot of the work I am interested to do will be mostly built from scratch by myself, provided there is fair support for numerical types (like complex numbers) and high precision numerical operations (if not, I'll be happy to write those routines as well). Many of my areas of interest are...
  2. docnet

    Pictures of your personal libraries or bookshelves

    I love seeing other people's libraries (or bookshelves) because they give me inspiration to plan my dream library, and books ware what make a home feel like home. Here is my very humble "library" in my college dorm room. Please, share pictures of your personal libraries or other libraries that...
  3. gmax137

    The Future of Libraries: Hard Copies vs Digital

    From a thread in the Sci Fi section Is this really true? I've been in some pretty impressive public libraries in the past (well, not in 2020). I have also been in some pretty lame libraries, finding nothing of interest. Either way, I have not noticed a transition to digital collections of...
  4. F

    Is anyone using the TensorFlow and Keras libraries?

    Hello, Anyone using Keras and TensorFlow? I know there is TensorFlow 1 and TensorFlow 2. I am getting familiar with these two important deep learning libraries. So far, my understanding is the Keras library must be always imported along with the TensorFlow library but I have seen some code...
  5. L

    Fortran Modifying a library not to stop at runtime errors

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to solve a BVP that seems to be very sensitive, for which I have to provide a starting guess and hope the program can fix it to find a solution. The program has been tested many times and it is very solid, the only problem should be that I can't find the right guess...
  6. Psinter

    Can Public Libraries Offer Unique Information Not Found Online?

    Have you ever found information in a public library that you could not find on the internet? For example, the basic equations of motion taught in General Physics I, can be found readily on the internet as well as examples and practice problems. But have you ever found scientific information...
  7. S

    Security alert for python libraries

    This security alert http://www.nbu.gov.sk/skcsirt-sa-20170909-pypi/ warns against fake python libraries: containing "malicious (but relatively benign) code".
  8. B

    How can link external libraries from the cmd?

    I am familiar with linking external libraries in IDE like Eclipse, Netbeans etc. But in my college they use use vim for programming on Linux. To learn more about vim editor I installed it on my home computer.I can compile basic C++ programs on it with one or two .cpp/.h files. I think it is...
  9. Leonardo Machado

    Need more precision in the calculations....

    Hello friends, today i have this question about precision. Actually I'm trying to do a simple use of the pow function for a small number x=0.005 squared. By entrying pow ( x, 2) my console does not output the proper number 0.000025, but some memory error. I've read about it and i may be able to...
  10. levadny

    Java Java GUI Development: SWING vs. Other Libraries

    Dear friends! Please explain me what API/Libraries uses in Java for create graphic user interface. I use SWING but I hear that SWING is oldest technology. What you uses?
  11. Hepth

    Pathfinding Routine & Libraries for Slower Areas

    I'm looking for the name of a routine for pathfinding or some libraries, where it can have slow areas. I know what A* is for binary paths, but what about paths that have regions where you might want to avoid, but only to a certain cost. Like, if there is mud that slows you by 1/2, then there...
  12. avikarto

    Fortran Linking fortran libraries with g95 in Windows Powershell

    I am having some trouble getting all of my libraries included in my g95 call at the command line (using Windows Powershell). The confusion stems from the purpose and use of the "g95_library_path" variable native to the compiler, and how this enters with the "-L/..." option on the command line...
  13. AlbeFerS

    Nuclear data libraries in ACE format for MCNP5

    Hello everyone, I need some continuous-energy neutron cross sections libraries in ACE format for MCNP5 (endf66a, endf66b, endf66c, misc5xs) as well as the continuous-energy photon tables (mcplib, mcplib02, mcplib03, mcplib04). Here: http://www.oecd-nea.org/janisweb/search/endf , we have...
  14. Superposed_Cat

    Ragdoll physics without 3rd party libraries

    Hey all, are there any resources available online on rag doll physics programming without 3rd party libraries? the algorithms etc? Any help appreciated.
  15. G

    Schools Access to university libraries

    I study on a university that, let's just say does not have much resources for us students. So I need to get access to some online libraries such as Springer Books, Elsevier, Knovel etc. I have been using a friend's credentials, he studies on a prestigious university and they have access to the...
  16. H

    Extracting thermal neutron cross-sections from ENDF libraries?

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know of a tool that can extract thermal neutron cross-section data from endf for all availible isotopes? I'm trying to help my professor compile some data to modernize one of his courses. I'm trying to find a list of capture and scattering cross-sections for a wide...
  17. Lebombo

    Do libraries use privately or publically owned ISPs?

    Do public libraries connect to the internet with Comcast, ATT, Verizon..etc, or is there a government owned ISP that libraries use?
  18. N

    Orcad Capture PSpice Diode Libraries

    It seems I am having issues locating a valid Orcad Capture PSpice library with the 1N4000 series of diodes. I have downloaded Diode.olb, however when I simulate, I get an error such as: "ERROR -- Model D1N4009 used by D_D2 is undefined" From my understanding, this arises due to the fact the...
  19. F

    Is it just me or are university libraries' books useless?

    All the Math and Science texts in my library are useless. That is to say outdated. I don't think I have met a single person who even uses old dusty unrelated books, the textbook is more than enough. My school (according to the librarian) spends more than a million dollars (that's the typical...
  20. R

    C Language: Runtime Library Standards & Operating Systems

    Is it true that the the makers of the programming language C get to specify standards for runtime libraries, and operating manufacturers must implement those standards in the runtime libraries they provide for C? Or do the operating system manufacturers tell the makers of C "here are my system...
  21. ZapperZ

    APS Journals Available At US Public Libraries

    The APS has released a press statement today that all the APS Journals will be made available for free at US Public libraries. http://publish.aps.org/public-access-announcement This gives you access to the Physical Review Letters, the Physical Review A,B,C,D,E, and Review of Modern...
  22. R

    Where can I find more PSpice models for Op-Amps?

    Hello. I use P-Spice student version and I regret that standard librairies offer very few number of models, especially for Op-Amp's. Is there sites where I can download more components models.
  23. J

    MATLAB Exploring MATLAB Alternatives: LAPAC Libraries & Versions

    I used MATLAB a lot in school but it is very expensive and uses, a lot of resources and it isn't installed on most computers. MATLAB was originally built upon the math libraries: LINPAC and EISPACK, The MATLAB libraries were MATLAB later upgraded to LAPAC I believe the above libraries are...
  24. B

    First time using CERN libraries - help

    I am starting a new particle physics class that requires us to use the CERN program libraries (http://cernlib.web.cern.ch/cernlib/" ). I've been to the website and am quite lost. I don't know what files I need to get from the website, or how to implement them into a program. It's been about...
  25. B

    Benchmark of high temperature cross section libraries in MCNP

    I need to use this libraries with confidence. Any articles that involves benchmarking of these cross sections?
  26. N

    Calculators How can I add equations to my HP 50g equation library?

    Does anyone know if (and how) I could add equations to my equation library? Thanks.
  27. F

    USB Communications - Looking for Advice on Sandbox, Libraries, Tutorials

    I have a odds and ends question for anyone who wants to share knowledge. I just got done with a project doing serial port programming, and I want to take what I learned and expand that. Is there any environment that is more or less a sandbox for USB communications? If you're familiar with...
  28. M

    Online libraries - with access to Journal publications

    I am conducting ongoing academic research & am in the process of re-organising my University affiliation. At present, I have no access to a good research library facility, with access to Journal Publications. Would anyone know of university libraries which can be joined by someone who is...
  29. O

    Programming libraries for C linear algebra

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a freely available library in C or C++ that is able to calculate eigenvalues and eigenvectors of generalized eigenvalue problems. e.g. of the type: Au = LBu where A and B are matrices, L is the eigenvalue, and u is the eigenvector. N.B. the GNU Scientific...
  30. L

    Nonlinear optimisation, equations solving, numerical libraries

    Hello, I would be interrested to learn if there are some (new) open source and/or possibly free librairies available for nonlinear optimisation and equations solving. I would be mostly interrested in modern languages like java or C# . "Clean" fortran could also be interresting as long as...
  31. L

    Nonlinear optimisation, equations solving, numerical libraries

    Hello, I would be interrested to learn if there are some (new) open source and/or possibly free librairies available for nonlinear optimisation and equations solving. I would be mostly interrested in modern languages like java or C# . "Clean" fortran could also be interresting as long as...
  32. P

    News Patriot Act Debate: Republican Surveillance in Libraries

    Hey Pengwuino - Did you catch the news today about the Patriot Act debate? It's mostly Republicans that want to keep watching what you're checking out at the library.