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Fake and overused weather photos

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    yeah its a real pity when awesome supercell pics like that second pic ( the real over farmland pic) gets photoshopped over the statue of Liberty etc
    Through my stormchasing, I know some of the guys that took the original pic like that supercell and the tornado and lightning one
    They say .... " what can ya do but just laugh"
    Mike Hollingshead who took the supercell pic just raises his hands in the air and shrugs ...
    there's a number of his pic's that have been often misused all over the net
    The one who took the tornado and lightning pic assured us all that there was NO oil rig in his pic! haha

    I have seen that image doing the rounds for some years :frown:

    I'm not familiar with the first pic of the tornado near a city or the 5th pic of the twin funnels and lightning strikes ... haven't seen those before

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