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Fantastic future

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    Fantastic future!!

    I found this video upon stumbling around on the net. It features a vision of the future. The video seems to be made in the 1940/1950ties.

    Do anybody have more information on the video? Are there more videos in the same category?

    It is remarkably that they actually hit with at least a couple of the prospects: rear view screen in cars, television conferencing(~pc)..

    Anyhow, would be interesting to see more in the same category. here is the link:
    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7453200794115982496&hl=en" [Broken]
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    Video is blocked but that is typical. In the 40s/50s TV was the new invention so eveything in the future would have TVs in it. There are popular mechanics articles from the 20s/30s which show a huge electric motor in each house running everything, because electric motors were the new invention - so the future must be based on them.

    Worth thinking about everytime someone tells you how the internet will be on everything in the future.
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    yeah I dunno where this semi-conductor physics is going.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Too funny! I love the flying ambulance with long legs!!!
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    I've got a book from the 60's I think based on a lecture given to NASA and universities back then called "the next billion years of mankind". It is pretty funny. The book says that in the future we might make genetically modified killer whales to mine the oceans.
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    Thats not a plug for the Cloverfield movie is it? :wink:
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    I couldn't get it to work, but might it be "Futurama" from the 60s? It was a model of the future with similar strange things.
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    Futurama was an exhibit at the 1964 World's Fair. Actually, the first Futurama was at the 1939 world's fair, but I wasn't around for that. It was the GM exhibit. The Disney exhibit at the 1964 WF was "It's a Small World After All". However, when I saw the link, I too thought it was from that exhibit. Perhaps it was shown there, but it was made in 1958. Here's a link.

    http://trailfire.com/guide/page/1510066/" [Broken]
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    Thanks very much for finding the info on the video! I loved this film. Would be fun seeing more like it.
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