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Favorite and least favorite branch of chemistry?

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    I was just curious to see what everybody enjoyed the most (or enjoyed the least) in terms of chemistry classes. I finally get to take Inorganic next year, which I feel like I am going to enjoy a lot along with biochemistry.
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    Organic, carbon chemistry has more or less endless possibilities, thus endlessly interesting.
    The chemistry of everything else happens within fairly limited domains.
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    I enjoyed both the organic and inorganic chemistry labs, however, I hated the biochemistry labs, probably, because I never quite made friends with the Eppendorf pipet.
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    Physical Chemistry and Chemical Physics are one of my favorites. I don't like biochemistry and synthetic chemistry (although part of it involves physical chemistry).

    My area of research mainly involves both organic and inorganic chemistry with strong emphasis on physical chemistry (especially photochemistry). However, I really don't like synthesis. I wish someone could do that for me. I like spectroscopic measurements, quantum chemical calculations, and of course, thinking.
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