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Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt

  1. May 20, 2003 #1
    Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt

    This is the tactic used by Microsoft against Linux.

    Very despicable.

    Linux's OS had been improved a lot, it has everything microsoft has (except Games ).
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    I would submit to you that they also have not achieved the ease of use that Msoft has. Nor the hardware support...

    As far as Msoft using buisness strategy to crush competition...isn't that the point of buisness strategy?
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    The essence of business is to put fear into competitors BEFORE they compete. That's why you have a computer in the first place.

    Besides, it's long since been known MICROSOFT makes the best stuff. That's why they're the biggest. Get used to it, they are going nowhere.
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    Though I can agree with the ease of use thing to a certain extent, I have an issue with the hardware support.. Microsoft is in business with several of the major hardware manufacturers or, if they are not, the hardware is built to be used in a Microsoft environment. This is a major advantage for compatibility. Considering that the majority of Linux has been built by volunteers and have still managed to have as much support as it does is actually quite a feat.

    Is there any reason your posts seem so.. tyrannical?

    Anyhow, to rebut this, the "best stuff" is entirely subjective. They make the most compatible-with-preexisting-stuff. I've used a lot of software on Linux that I consider to be superior to Microsoft products for a number of reasons besides usability, appearance, and simplicity.

    1. It does not cost an arm or a leg (and often times, costs nothing at all.)

    2. It is not locked into proprietary formats and most of the time you are able to choose from a number of different formats.

    If this is not specific enough, there is a word processing program called OpenOffice.org which can save as .doc, .sxw, .xls etc. depending on what you're using it for. Considering that the program is free, does all of the things you would normally want from Microsoft Office, and is actually quite advanced, I would definitely say it is superior.

    3. There is more choice *in general*. You are not licensing software - once it's on your machine, you own it.

    Anyhow, if I were you I would look into Microsoft's business tactics more. There is a reason they were taken to court for trying to be a monopoly. They practice very shady business practices.

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    Let me first point out that Galatea's second quote in the previous post, although attributed to me, belongs to LogicalAtheist.

    Second let me also point out that I never said that Linux did not have good, even great, hardware support in light of its developer base. But the fact is, Windows has vastly better hardware support, period.

    That is not to say Linux is useless, or that I don't respect it as a player in the OS-scape. Linux definitely has its niche carved out, and I would bet it is here to stay.
  7. May 20, 2003 #6
    FUD is fine its just a marketing technique but the more MS uses it the more absurd it becomes. MS has done nothing less than admit that not even they have enough of a handle on their own bloatware to secure the windows OS.

    I've noticed windows rot on my XP proffesional computer. I don't really have anything nice to say about MS's products. They've got some creative features in their products when they first hit the market VS .NET comes to mind. But in the end, the rot sets in, everything starts to break and you can either get a new computer or reformat. Its not worth the money to buy nice features that only work for a few months.

    All in all, most new hardware works on Linux. You can get joysticks and keyboards that need drivers that won't work, or you can get some scanners that won't work. For the most part though if you installed RH 9 today everything would probably be working the first time you boot up without you doing anything. That doesn't happen in windows. Its install driver, reboot, install driver, reboot, reboot, etc. etc.

    Linux is getting better and better, and windows is staying the same. That's about it. MS isn't producing a more stable, secure, higher tech, cutting edge OS, they're producing bloatware and eyecandy. Linux is implementing the latest OS technology like improved filesystems, thread management, etc. Windows will always be around because people think linux is hard or they buy the FUD and think its broken, but I think its at the point that even your grandma can use it these days. :)
  8. May 21, 2003 #7
    My grandma can't find the power button on her computer, much less figure some of linux's more powerful features. Of course, most beginnners/casual users don't utilize the more powerful features, so that's an argument too.

    However, I found the Linux install program with redhat (when it failed to detect video) took some thought to get through. With video, it was less of an issue.

    However, I've never seen windows fail to use video during a setup. I think the fact remains, Windows is easier, by FAR, to use for an inexperianced person.

    That is not to say it will always be that way, but my issue is this. Microsoft has billions of dollars in the bank, enough to pay for whatever they want. (They seem bent on taking the world over, currently). Whereas Linux is being developed for the most part by freelance developers. Now, RedHat is finding ways to make money off of it, which is an excellent first step. But the fact remains...Microsoft remains in a much better position to stop Linux.

    That was a pretty long post, so I'll ascribe a 3 cent value to it ;)

    My 3 cents...
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