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Feynman Looking for A Particle Version of QFT

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    Feynman Looking for A "Particle Version" of QFT

    I think I read somewhere (though can't find it now) that Feynman was looking for a 'particle' version of quantum field theory which he didn't find but this instead led to the path integral approach of quantum mechanics. Can anyone shed any light on this? Not knowing that much particle physics I don't understand how QFT could get any more particle based.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Re: Feynman Looking for A "Particle Version" of QFT

    There exists a "dressed particle" approach to QFT in which fields play only secondary, auxiliary role and particles are the primary objects. The idea is more than 50 years old:

    O. W. Greenberg and S. S. Schweber, "Clothed particle operators in simple models of quantum field theory", Nuovo Cim., 8 (1958), 378.

    On Google Scholar you can find 46 citations of this article and some modern developments. As far as I know, this method didn't attract Feynman's attention. In my opinion, this is unfortunate, because the "dressed particle" approach is the best way to understand QFT, and Feynman might like it.

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