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Fibre laser to engrave

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    hello, i'm interested in make an fibre laser to engrave in aluminum, however in all foruns where i ask this question everyone sugest me to buy an professional machine. but i'm interested in learn more about this tecnology so i would like to make my own fibre laser. of course some componets i know they should be necessary buy.
    i found this project:
    to engrave in aluminum however people advised me fibre laser is better to engrave in metal pieces.
    this LasersTEA prototype engraved in aluminum mixing nitrogen and helium gases.
    some one have an idea how to do an homemade fibre laser?
    or could give some opinion if this is a best laser type?
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    First the disclaimer: Building and using lasers is dangerous. I assume you need invisible light around 1060 nm for engraving. This is even more dangerous. Always use safety glasses when working with such devices and be careful. I am not just saying that for fun. These are really dangerous. If you need high powers also high voltages come into play. These are even more dangerous and I strongly recommend not to use high voltages without someone around who is experienced with high voltages.

    Now to the physics. I am afraid, you will not have much fun building your own fiber laser. Fiber lasers are basically just a long fiber including some dopant which gives the stimulated emission. I suppose you might need ytterbium doped fibers. These fibers are typically reflecting at their end, so that you have a low quality cavity. Alternatively one may use fiber Bragg gratings. Now all you do is pump this fiber with another laser, typically a diode laser and that is about all.

    However, there is not much one can do. You will obviously need to buy the doped fiber as you cannot make it yourself and you will need to buy the pump light source. Coupling the light into the fiber is not really a big deal.
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