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Filling bag with elementary particles

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    Hello.This is probably totally stupid question, but anyway...

    Is it possible to create bag made of particles with very strong positive charge and electrons using attracting force between them? If theoretically at least in some parallel universe yes, then if we keep shooting electrons inside this bag from some gun placed outside, and those electrons are being strongly attracted to heavily positively charged particles of bag (attracting force between electrons and positively charged particles is much stronger than repulsive force between electrons), would we be able to see small pile of electrons after shooting enormous amount of them?
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    Hey welcome to the forum. It's okay many beginners including myself have questions that may seem stupid without having sufficient information on the topic.
    Unfortunately, no. First of all, you'd need a vacuum in order to have purely free electrons (so that they do not interact with the natural world). But even then, the size of an electron is so small that they would not reflect any wavelengths in the visible light spectrum.
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    Your "bag" sounds just like an atom?
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