What is Repulsion: Definition and 143 Discussions

A repulsion motor is a type of electric motor which runs on alternating current (AC). It was formerly used as a traction motor for electric trains (e.g. SR Class CP and SR Class SL electric multiple units) but has been superseded by other types of motors. Repulsion motors are classified under single phase motors. In repulsion motors the stator windings are connected directly to the AC power supply and the rotor is connected to a commutator and brush assembly, similar to that of a direct current (DC) motor.

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  1. H

    I Magnetism: Same Pole Repulsion & Heteropolar Attraction

    We know that the two magnets have same-pole repulsion and heteropolar attraction; In most parts of the planet, a magnet is hoisted with a thin wire, one side of the magnet will point to the guide, and the other side will point to the north; If you come to the magnetic pole of the earth and place...
  2. Dario56

    I Electron Indistinguishability and Repulsion

    If we had a system of ##N## non – interacting electrons than a wavefunction of such a system is a product of one-electron wavefunctions otherwise known as a Hartree product: $$ \Psi(x_1,x_2,...,x_N) = \prod_{n=1}^N \psi(x_n) $$ This means that in such a hypothetical system , it is possible to...
  3. Green dwarf

    I Virtual Photons: The Long-Distance Repulsion of Electrons

    My understanding is that the repulsion between two electrons is mediated by the exchange of virtual photons – virtual meaning not lasting long enough to be detected. But suppose one of the electrons is in the sun and the other on Earth. There should still be a repulsion because the...
  4. LCSphysicist

    Atomic Van der Waal repulsion and Lennard Jones potential

    Hello there. Do you know any paper that derive the Lennard Jones potential ##V = \epsilon [(\delta / r)^{12}-2(\delta / r)^6]## theorically? If you know a book instead, let me know. Thank you
  5. S

    Repulsion induction motor question

    Hello everyone, I have an old Hobart A200 mixer that I've rebuilt and the problem is the agitator shaft is spinning twice the rated speed when the motor comes up to speed. It has a repulsive induction motor. Speed 1 starts at about the rated 60 rpm but spins at about 120 when at running speed...
  6. SamRoss

    Magnetic attraction / repulsion from the Lorentz force

    I'm trying to understand how the Lorentz force can explain why magnets attract and repel. The explanations that I have found have mostly involved the magnets moving in a way that decreases the forces between them ( ) but I have not been able to find any intuitive explanation involving the...
  7. J

    I Repulsion before the screen in a double-slit experiment

    Consider a double slit experiment with electrons fired illustrated in the attached figure. One interpretation of this experiment is that each fired electron clones itself, one of the clone passes through one slit and the other through another slit then they reached the screen where they...
  8. R

    Exploring the Physics of Attraction & Repulsion: A Feynman Lecture

    "Suppose we have another ther charge some distance away. Would it feel any attraction? It would feel practically none, because if the first two are equal in size, the attraction for the one and the repulsion for the other balance out.Therefore there is very little force at any appreciable...
  9. T

    Calculating the number of electrons given the force of repulsion

    Homework Statement: Two small spheres spaced 20.0 cm apart have equal charge. How many excess electrons must be present on each sphere if the magnitude of the force of repulsion between them is 3.33×10^−21N? Homework Equations: Charge of an electron e=-1.6X10^-19 C F=kq/(r^2) For this I set...
  10. N

    Magnetic attraction and repulsion equivalence

    Equations of attraction or repulsion can get very complicated when the field shapes and densities are not identical. Intuition would hold the forces to be the same, but in on closer examination the field shape of two repulsing magnets looks entirely different from two attracting magnets. I...
  11. P

    I Difference between spin repulsion and electrostatic repulsion of an electron?

    What is the difference between spin repulsion and electrostatic repulsion of an electron? Is this the same mechanism?
  12. P

    I Electrostatic repulsion at a distance

    What does it mean ? "the virtual photon's plane wave is seemingly created everywhere in space at once, and destroyed all at once. Therefore, the interaction can happen no matter how far the interacting particles are from each other." As far as I know, the electrostatic force between two...
  13. M

    Repulsion of the Earth's Magnetic Field

    I have a question why a magnet's magnetic field or a coil's magnetic field will not oppose the Earth's magnetic field? Is it because the Earth's field is not strong enough or the magnet/coil doesn't cover enough square area? What formula's would I use to figure out what strength or area I...
  14. P

    I Electron Repulsion in QFT: How Does It Work in Quantum Field Theory?

    How do electrons repel each other in quantum field theory? Virtual photon - is it just a mathematics?
  15. SuperTzar

    Magnetic Repulsion for a Loudspeaker Motor

    Hello, I have found an interesting alternative to the common loudspeaker motor in the form of a magnetic repulsion circuit. The picture below shows the basic idea. A coil is suspended between two magnets (or pairs of magnets) that are a certain distance apart. The magnets are mounted so that...
  16. Dante Meira

    Repulsion between permanent magnet and air core coil

    I formulated a statement about the repulsion between a permanent magnet and an air core coil (electromagnets without a ferromagnetic or ferrimagnetic core), and I believe this statement is true, but I would like to seek the opinion of others about it: "In a system where an electromagnet made...
  17. H

    Attraction and repulsion of plates in capacitors

    If we make far away the two plates of an ideal parallel -plate-capacitor, which are connected to a battery, the stored energy decreased according to the energy consideration because capacity decreases while the voltage between the two plates is unchanged. Therefore, according to the energy...
  18. M

    No covalent bond formation due to repulsion

    Hi, I want to ask , is there any example in chemistry when during covalent bond formation the repulsive forces dominate and no bond is formed. Thanks
  19. Dante Meira

    Magnetic repulsion between a permanent magnet and an air coil

    I would like to receive some input about this "equation" formulated by me, a=f(i), regarding a system with a permanent magnet and an air core coil acting as an electromagnet, as described in the image: I understand that the acceleration provided to the toy car will be a function of the...
  20. M

    Force between Parallel Current Carrying Wires

    Homework Statement Two parallel wires have currents that have the same direction, but differing magnitude. The current in wire A is I, and the current in wire B is 2I. Which one of the following statements concerning the situation is true? A) Both wires attract each other with the same force...
  21. M

    Magnetic repulsion of solenoids

    I'm trying to understand the repulsive forces of solenoids. This is all paper as in I don't actually have them to test in real life. Take two solenoids that are equal to each other. Specifications: current is 10 amps Number of turns is 300 Iron rod is 12 inches/ 304.8mm, with a Radius of 2...
  22. DoobleD

    B Account for Coulomb repulsion in nuclear fission energy?

    Hi, I have learned that, in a nuclear fission or an alpha decay, the available energy released is the difference of masses between the initial nuclide (+ eventually some other initial particles) and the output particles, times c^2 (as E = mc^2). I'm fine with that. But I wonder : what about...
  23. P

    Why do maglev trains use attraction vs repulsion

    I'm trying to find out why EMS maglev trains use magnetic attraction instead of repulsion. Given that the attractive force diminishes with distance it seems the forces would have to match exactly or else one of the two forces would win out and the train would come to a grinding halt. But with...
  24. D

    Electromagnetic Induction repulsion

    Homework Statement http://imgur.com/a/7CUcU What happens when you close W? What happens when you open W again at Q? If there is a ring of metal at Q, on the coil. Homework Equations There is no relevant equations in this case. The Attempt at a Solution North will be on top and south on the...
  25. RabbitWho

    Finding the force of repulsion between two point charges

    Hello! So this is going into physics because it is a physics problem, but it is maths that is the real problem. So if you came here to help someone with physics and not maths I'm sorry. 1. Homework Statement Find the force of repulsion between two point charges of +1C and +3C if they are...
  26. G

    Thomson's jumping ring: Why net repulsion?

    Hi. According to Lenz's law, a conducting ring responds to an increasing external magnetic field with a repelling field and to a decreasing external magnetic field with an attracting one. Thomson's experiment uses an AC coil, so its field strength changes between increasing and decreasing a...
  27. J

    I Inhibit repulsion between two like poles

    Please excuse the lay terms that will follow. I have been doing some reading on "magnetic shielding" and have come across alloys such as MuMetal which have high permeability and so can block interaction between two magnets. My question; Is this inhibition of interaction between the two...
  28. iHaveQuestions88

    The Decay Rate of a Hypothetical Antimatter Container

    Hi All, First time poster here, and I've got a couple questions. Straight up, I'm writing a sci-fi story where antimatter is utilised as fuel (feel free to laugh at the cliche), and I want to portray it as realistically as possible. To that end, I've come up with a storage method and I want to...
  29. mikemartinlfs

    Dual electron repulsion (momentum question)

    This is a multiple choice question that, after one incorrect attempt, I got correct; however, I want to actually understand what the explanation means. I'm hoping someone here can help. Homework Statement Two electrons, each with mass m and charge q, are released from positions very far from...
  30. Deebu R

    Force of Repulsion Between Charged Bodies: Calculating with Coulomb's Law

    Homework Statement two similar charged bodies are kept 5 cm apart in air. If the second body is shifted away from the first another 5 cm, there force of repulsion will be? Homework Equations Coulomb's law? F= k (q1q2)/r^2?
  31. R

    Steric Repulsion - Simple Explanation?

    From here: https://in.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100421234931AAnRi1H Please could someone tell me exactly what is causing the repulsion? When it says size of groups, what does it mean? What groups? What's a group? Shouldn't larger things attract, not repel? Is it a structural...
  32. Behrouz

    What are the charges of quarks and leptons?

    Hello everyone, I'm sorry if it's a dumb question, I'm very new in self studying particle physics. May I ask when we associate a charge (i.e. positive or negative) to quark and lepton, is it only because of their attraction or repulsion toward each other? in other words, is it just to name one...
  33. E

    Electromagnetic repulsion force

    Homework Statement An infinitesimally small bar magnet of dipole moment ##\vec{M}## is pointing and moving with the speed v in the x direction. A small closed circular conducting loop of radius a and negligible self inductance lies in the y-z plane with its centre at x = 0, and its axis...
  34. T

    B Is expansion caused by unknown tension in space/time?

    I was playing around in the kitchen today. You know how when you drop some pepper in a calm glass of water the flakes instantly seem to repulse from each other and expand over the entire surface? I believe this is due to surface tension in the skin of the water. Could expansion be possibly...
  35. R

    Calculating Magnetic Levitation Force for Maglev Train Prototype

    Homework Statement We are building a maglev train for an engineering physics project. We have a prototype that is going to work for us but we are struggling with the mathematics. We are using ceramic magnets that are 3/16in thick and 1/2 inch in diameter. One of our project partners has an...
  36. M

    Metal sphere drawn and then repelled by charged rod

    Homework Statement An uncharged metal sphere hangs from a nylon thread. When a positively charged, nonconducting glass rod is brought close to the metal sphere, the sphere is drawn toward the rod. But if the sphere touches the rod, the sphere suddenly flies away from the rod. Explain why the...
  37. S

    Cation/cation repulsion in salt water solution

    Spherical Micelles of the surfactant DTAB, which has a cationic head, will turn into cylindrical micelles if the repulsion between the cationic heads can be reduced. I have read that adding salt (perhaps NaCl or NaBr) to this water/surfactant solution will reduce repulsion between the cations...
  38. M

    A Electrostatic Repulsion of graphene layer on metal surface

    Dear Member, Respected Members, I am working on the behaviour of hydrogen at the Cu/Ni (111)-graphene interface. In case of Ni (111), the atomic H on the interface diffuse inside the the surface. While in case of Cu (111), the H atom stays at the Cu(111)-graphene interface. It seems that H...
  39. I

    I Origin of 12th power dependency of Pauli repulsion?

    I was reading about the Lennard-Jones potential, and I believe I understand the derivation of the 6th power dependency of dipole dipole interactions (Van der Waal forces) well. The most I have been able to find about the 12th power dependency of Pauli repulsion is that is has no theoretical...
  40. J

    Does the Inverse cube law apply for magnetic repulsion?

    Was just wondering is it only possible for magnetic attraction? because the force increases exponentially with decreased distance, or can it be used for repulsion. It's blatantly obvious that magnetic repulsion is a lot weaker than attraction, by a 10% margin. hence why repulsion is weaker, but...
  41. H

    Exploring E-e Repulsion: Stability of Half and Full P Sub-Shells Explained

    I am fully aware that a half filled p sub-shell is stable due to no repulsion as electrons first occupy the orbitals singly before pairing up according to Hunds rule, why is that however a fully occupied p sub-shell with 6 electrons is also considered stable? Where as a filled s sub-shell with 2...
  42. W

    Car accelerated by repulsion of two point charges

    At the outset, I want to explain that this is a problem I came up with myself. It's not actually homework, and I suspect it is deeply conceptually flawed in some manner that I have yet to determine. 1. Two point charges of like polarity, ## q_1 = q_2 = 1C ##, start out separated by distance ##...
  43. C

    Calculating Velocity in a Charge/Field Interaction: A Homework Challenge

    Homework Statement Homework Equations F=kqQ/D^2=Ma E=kQ/D^2 D=vt? The Attempt at a Solution So far, I've been able to label the forces on each ship through superposition. But that is all I currently able to understand. I know that my end solution is a speed/velocity, but I am not sure how to...
  44. A

    Large nuclei to proton ratios reduce repulsion in a nucleus

    Hi, I am new here. I am just reading over my notes for stable and unstable nuclei and I came across this sentence: 'Large nuclei require a higher neutron proton ratio as this adds more nuclear attraction without adding repulsion'. I was wondering why the large ratio would reduce repulsion? Thank...
  45. P

    Figuring out the magnitude of electric repulsion

    Homework Statement [/B] In a certain organic molecule, the nuclei of 2 carbon atoms are separated by a distance of .20nm, What is the magnitude of the electric repulsion between them? Now, I know the distance between them, but it has to be converted into meters: .20nm = .20 X 10 ^-9m And...
  46. gracy

    Bond Distance: Attraction vs. Repulsion

    According to my textbook The distance at which attractive fOrces overcome repulsive forces is called bond distance. I want to ask if I would say The distance at which repulsive forces overcome attractive forces is called bond distance Will it be correct?
  47. A

    Filling bag with elementary particles

    Hello.This is probably totally stupid question, but anyway... Is it possible to create bag made of particles with very strong positive charge and electrons using attracting force between them? If theoretically at least in some parallel universe yes, then if we keep shooting electrons inside...
  48. U

    Ib extended essay about magnetic repulsion (maglev trains)

    I have been trying to come up with a good question for my Ib extended essay which is a 4000 words essay about any physics topic of my choice. However, with this topic I need to come up with an experiment to further investigate this topic and write up an analysis and conclusion. I am really...