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Filtering ultraviolet from Xenon arc lamp

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    What sort of commonly accessible material can block harmful UV from a 150W Xenon arc lamp, without blocking much of visible light?

    Lamp relative spectrum (a bit around 250nm, growing to a lot at 400nm):

    Enough UV should be blocked for the lamp to be usable as a regular household light source.
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    Look at the absorption/transmission spectra for various types of glass. Most common glass absorbs in the UV. It all depends on what your cutoff is, and how much you want to pay for your glass.

    You can start here with an optics supplier:

    Or an optical glass manufacturer; I searched for "UV blocking glass":
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    UV filtering on the cheap

    Try a piece of polycarbonate. It's dirt cheap and it inherently filters out most UV.
    Even the cheapest sunglasses can claim to block 100% of UV because they just use PC lenses.

    Common trade name being Lexan.
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