What is Xenon: Definition and 33 Discussions

The XENON dark matter research project, operated at the Italian Gran Sasso National Laboratory, is a deep underground research facility featuring increasingly ambitious experiments aiming to detect dark matter particles. The experiments aim to detect particles in the form of weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) by looking for rare interactions via nuclear recoils in a liquid xenon target chamber. The current detector consists of a dual phase time projection chamber (TPC).
The experiment detects scintillation and ionization produced when particles interact in the liquid xenon volume, to search for an excess of nuclear recoil events over known backgrounds. The detection of such a signal would provide the first direct experimental evidence for dark matter candidate particles. The collaboration is currently led by Italian professor of physics Elena Aprile from Columbia University.

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  1. E

    Taishan nuclear reactor Xenon problem

    French press reports indicate that the first of the two EPRs built at Taishan in Guangdong province has unusually high levels of radioactive noble gases in the primary cooling circuit, presumably as a result of defective fuel bundles...
  2. Sanjay94

    Xenon poisoning (negative xenon load varies with core burnup)

    I would like to know how the negative xenon load varies with core burnup. Does it increase or decrease as the core progresses from beginning of life to end of life? What is the reason for this change? Any help will be much appreciated
  3. I

    I Xenon 124 -- How did they calculate the half life? (trillions of years)

    How did they calculate the half life of xenon 124 to be longer than the age of the universe if they only observed one decay? Is there some way to estimate half life?
  4. spareine

    Plasma ball, energy levels of neon and xenon

    I was wondering about the filament colors in a plasma ball that I have got. The main part of each filament is blue, but its end part is pink. Possibly the gas is 95% neon and 5% xenon, the pink part is light emitted by neon, and blue part light emitted by xenon. Using a hand spectroscope I...
  5. R

    Why LED Lights Aren't Used in Camera Flashes/Strobes

    Any input on why LED's are not used in modern camera flashes/strobes? I've searched a bit and it seems newer multi-die LED arrays not only put out more light but can strobe faster than xenon lamps, sounds win/win? I feel I must be missing something?! I was considering trying to modify a small...
  6. F

    Xenon lamps and sunlight simulation

    Hello, Would a set of inexpensive xenon lamps purchased at the hardware store simulate sunlight pretty well in terms of spectrum (visible and IR) and intensity? Solar simulators are expensive devices but I wonder if I can get by with an array of less costly xenon lamps. thanks
  7. A

    A Problem in continuous function of Excimer laser

    I am student of MS and working in the field of laser. I am trying to run an old Excimer laser system (XeCl) having output energy 400mJ, pulse width 30ns and frequency 1-100Hz. The laser works only for less than one hours after filling with new gases and the energy continuously decreases within...
  8. K

    Large Underground Xenon dark matter experiment/LHC LSP neutr

    Large Underground Xenon dark matter experiment and LHC have reported a null result on searches for dark matter, with new bounds. What are the implication of these new bounds on neutralinos and LSP?
  9. G

    Xenon Spectral Lines: Exploring the Mystery

    spectral lines As far as I understand spectral lines represent allowed transitions between energy levels in a particular atom. And that the number of energy levels should increase with increase of a number of electrons, due to electron-electron and spin-angular-momentum couplings. Right...
  10. Padrepapp

    Coupling Xe Arc Lamp into Fiber Bundle

    Hey, we are trying to couple the light of a 75 W Xe Arc Lamp (Hamamatsu L2194) into a 800um(0,8mm) diameter fiber bundle (7 fibers). Now we have 2 plano convex lenses (25mm diameter, 30mm EFL, edmund serial #45-364), the first for collimating the second for focusing onto the fiber. We are...
  11. M

    Forming an Excimer - Explaining the Process for Xenon

    Hello, first post! Can anyone explain to me how an excimer is formed? Considering Xenon. I've gathered that an excited state Xe*, ground state Xe, and a 3rd body M react resulting in an Xe* excimer + M(carrying away excess energy). I'm struggling to find how the ground state Xe can have any...
  12. 1rel

    Learning Photo Flasher Circuit Basics

    Hello everyone I'm new here, and currently trying to learn more about electronics. - Since my knowledge is very limited, I've decided to take apart some old devices from the garbage, and recently tried to understand a photo flash circuit from an old camera, and to trigger it with my own bench...
  13. R

    Structural Differences Between Red, Blue and Green Xenon Lamps

    What are the structural differences btwn red, blue, and green xenon lamps. What are the different dopants/gases used in the lamps?
  14. Y

    What is the parent of Xenon 133?

    I'm a nuclear medical student and am studying the radiopharmaceutical Xenon 133. I know that Xenon 133 decays into Cerium 133, but what is Xenon 133s direct parent? (I believe Xenon 133 is in the Uraninum 235 decay scheme.) Thank you in advance for your help.
  15. Q

    Hybridizing Xenon: Exciting Electrons to d Orbitals?

    Homework Statement When we hybridize xenon, do we excite one electron each from its 5s and 5p orbitals to its d orbital? I know the ground state xenon looks something like this: http://i.minus.com/jbt6v4btYTThFJ.jpg But when it's hybridized does Xenon look like this...
  16. Artlav

    Filtering ultraviolet from Xenon arc lamp

    Hello. What sort of commonly accessible material can block harmful UV from a 150W Xenon arc lamp, without blocking much of visible light? Lamp relative spectrum (a bit around 250nm, growing to a lot at 400nm): Enough UV should be blocked for the lamp to be usable as a regular...
  17. P

    How does the Xenon Flash in Lumia; or, if fact any compact device work

    I don't need basics, I know the causes how xenon flash "works" ; I need to know how do they minimise this kind of circuit in microprocessor? My question: The Flash tubes require kVs of potential difference to work. I am aware that big capacitors are required to make them work. This is okay...
  18. C

    Xenon Gas Pricing and Safety Concerns

    One company is selling 1000 liters of Xenon gas for 8000 USD. But other websites are stating that Xenon cost 120 USD per 100 grams. And Xenon weight 5 grams per liter at 101300 Kpa. I need to know how much 82Kg of Xenon would cost, or 50 liters at 150Kpa.
  19. J

    Xenon oxide photochemical preparation?

    In 1994 I attended a symposium at University College London to celebrate the centenary of William Ramsay's discovery of argon. In a rather remarkable presentation there some slides were shown of some beautiful clear large crystals in a sealed quartz flask. If my memory is not playing tricks...
  20. M

    Light intensity of UV component from a xenon lamp

    I have a 100watt xenon lamp , the UV component comprises of 5-6% of the total spectrum emitted by the xenon lamp . How do I calculate at what power is the UV light emitted ? Is the whole spectrum being emitted at 100 W or is the power distributed through the spectrum? How is this...
  21. A

    Xenon Tetrafluoride hybridization

    Homework Statement Hi I would like to understand how does the hybridization of an inert gas(fully stable octet)--Xenon happen? Since hybridization happens to promote electrons to higher sublevels but xenon's sublevels are already full. So how and why does the hybridization occur...
  22. M

    Calculating resistance of xenon flash tube

    Hi, I am trying to build a high-speed flash, based on the PCB from a disposable camera, with the aim of producing a flash with a duration of 5μs - 20μs. The main circuit works, firing four xenon flash tubes from a 330v capacitor (charged to 300v). This is the schematic for the disposable...
  23. U

    Axial xenon distribution in a PWR

    Hi all. I discovered a thing the other day that I've known for a long time but never really thought about. If power distribution is shifted towards the bottom of the core the xenon concentration is shifted towards the top of the core. This is equilibrium conditions, i.e. only very small...
  24. P

    New result from Xenon 100 dark matter search

    XENON 100 published today the results from a 100-day run, significantly tightening the constraint on WIMP spin-independent cross-sections. It seems that they are beginning to probe interesting parameter spaces. http://arxiv.org/abs/1104.2549
  25. R

    Reducing intensity of xenon lamp

    Hello Forum, An optics question here. I'm using a Xenon continuous arc lamp as a source of broadband light together with a spectrometer for an absorption experiment. However the lamp is too bright and is saturating the spectrometer. Is there a standard way to reduce the...
  26. X

    Comparing Power Generation Potentials of Hydrogen and Xenon

    Generally the working fluids in a power generating system is either water (steam) or air. This I imagine is because they are widely available fluids. The specific heats of these ranging from some 1 - 2 kJ/kg-K. For the sake of argument, let's assume that hydrogen or xenon are equally...
  27. A

    Need to preionize xenon lamp with somethingium

    We're building a very high power xenon flashlamp with electrodes so far apart that some kind of pre-ionization is necessary to start the discharge. I dump 10,000 volts across the electrodes so I just need a few loose electrons to get the ball rolling. I've been using a Tesla coil to get a...
  28. C

    Decay contant of xenon and strontium

    Homework Statement The decay constant of xenon-142 is 0.462(s^-1), and the decay constant of strontium-90 is 7.85*10^-10 (s^-1). Initially, a sample of radioactive waste material contains equal numbers of strontium-90 and xenon-142 nuclei. Calculate the time taken for the ratio: number...
  29. C

    Audible frequency in xenon gas, .

    You come to a landing on Congress. Actually, it was more a splash-down than a landing as Congress is made up of mostly ocean. Consulting your favorite book, you read that Congress has a radius of ro= 9·105 meters. Due to a large core of the element Administratium the average density of the...
  30. M

    Xenon Poisoning: Decay & First Order Diff. Eqns

    whats the concentration when the reactor is not able to be turned back on without waiting for the xenon to decay and how does this relate to the first order differential equations of the decay of iodine and xenon.
  31. M

    Anyone know how much xenon is in our atmosphere?

    anyone know how much xenon is in our atmosphere? This is where we get it right?
  32. D

    Xenon Ionization Cross-Section & Debye Length

    Greetings ! This is not really a discussion thread, I just wan'na ask a question and hope someone could finally help me with this because I couldn't find this info during the several months I occassionaly tried to search for it (even briefly studied a Hall Effect thruster thesis). I...
  33. D

    Finding the Debye Length for Xenon Ions

    Greetings ! I searched the web and couldn't find it. I wan'na know the Debye length for Xenon ions. Thanks ! :smile: Live long and prosper.