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Light intensity of UV component from a xenon lamp

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    I have a 100watt xenon lamp , the UV component comprises of 5-6% of the total spectrum emitted by the xenon lamp . How do I calculate at what power is the UV light emitted ?

    Is the whole spectrum being emitted at 100 W or is the power distributed through the spectrum? How is this distribution of power related to the wavelength of light if latter is the case ?
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    Sorry this is not an answer more of a warning if you get replies talking about the Planck distribution or black body curve please ignore them.

    The distribution of energy between the different wavelengths in ionised xenon is a near impossible problem in quantum mechanics because of the many 'resonances' ie energy level differences the xenon plasma has.

    for a picture of what you have see http://astro.u-strasbg.fr/~koppen/discharge/xenon.html

    I know this is not of much help but fundamental physics has its limits - that's why its fun


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