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A kerosene lamp (also known as a paraffin lamp in some countries) is a type of lighting device that uses kerosene as a fuel. Kerosene lamps have a wick or mantle as light source, protected by a glass chimney or globe; lamps may be used on a table, or hand-held lanterns may be used for portable lighting. Like oil lamps, they are useful for lighting without electricity, such as in regions without rural electrification, in electrified areas during power outages, at campsites, and on boats. There are three types of kerosene lamp: flat-wick, central-draught (tubular round wick), and mantle lamp. Kerosene lanterns meant for portable use have a flat wick and are made in dead-flame, hot-blast, and cold-blast variants.
Pressurized kerosene lamps use a gas mantle; these are known as Petromax, Tilley lamps, or Coleman lamps, among other manufacturers. They produce more light per unit of fuel than wick-type lamps, but are more complex and expensive in construction and more complex to operate. A hand-pump pressurizes air, which forces liquid fuel from a reservoir into a gas chamber. Vapor from the chamber burns, heating a mantle to incandescence and also providing heat.
Kerosene lamps are widely used for lighting in rural areas of Africa and Asia, where electricity is not distributed or is too costly. As of 2005, kerosene and other fuel-based illumination methods consume an estimated 77 billion litres of fuel per year, equivalent to 1.3 million barrels of oil per day. This is comparable to annual U.S. jet-fuel consumption of 76 billion litres per year.The World Health Organization considers kerosene to be a polluting fuel and recommends that “governments and practitioners immediately stop promoting its household use”. Kerosene smoke contains high levels of harmful particulate matter, and household use of kerosene is associated with higher risks of cancer, respiratory infections, asthma, tuberculosis, cataract, and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

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  1. A

    Appliances Replacing banker's lamp shade, the screw is too tight to loosen

    hi guys, My banker's lamp glass shade was broken. I'm trying to replace with a new one but stuck at loosen the screw opposite of bulb fixture. the screw needs to be taken off in order to put the lamp shade on. but i couldn't loose the end screw by hand, with pliers it doesn't grip tight...
  2. M

    Concave mirror reflecting a point lamp, that create a wider beam

    I've look if there was any way to get the "image size" or a ratio to use the Mirror Equation to find the focal length, but nothing. I think it's base on some geometry, but I don't see the relation.
  3. A

    What is this type of bulb or lamp?

    Hi there! I have few years still without any solution. I could find just only one exemplary of this bulb or lamp there I share pictures, this is exactly what I need to know what it is, brand or datasheet. The base is E27. AND the most important, In this VIDEO you can see the lamp...
  4. K

    Frequently switching a lamp ON and OFF in short time reduced bulb life?

    I had a lamp that was good for 10 years but two years ago it was burnt out, I replaced it and in this two years we have a naughty kid playing with it, it is burnt out recently again. Is it likely due to his behavior (switch it ON and OFF within short time) or quality of light bulb in recent...
  5. 1

    Is it safe to cover a floor lamp with an Aluminum metal pie plate?

    Please see the image below. I'm trying to convert my IKEA NYFORS floor lamp into a reading light, by covering the top with an Aluminium pie plate. Will this be a fire or electrical hazard? Does anyone foresee any dangers or risks? As I have 3 of these floor lamps in my attic, I don't want to...
  6. Pouyan

    Which lamp is dimmed in the circuit?

    The true answer is B. But I don't understand why! I know: Kirchhoff's circuit laws : ∑In=0 If we assume that a current that goes from plus to minus, before it passes through lamp B, I know that according to Kirchhof's laws, part of the current will pass through the bottom path where there is...
  7. J

    Electrical Old filament car lamp to LED

    I want to change the the old round 5000 series filament bulbs to led. I attached a picture of some I found on Ebay. I see some led bulbs seem to mention some thing about fan. One way would be cut hole in old glass bulb and glue led in with silicon. Could use glass jar and drill hole in cover...
  8. V

    Discharge in an excimer lamp

    I am experimenting with excimer lamps powered as capacitive discharge electrodeless pulses. The discharge, on a mixture of Kr and Cl, around 3 torr, appears a a double filament, why? See picture.
  9. D

    Optical Build a ballast for an Osram Hg-Cd/10 spectral lamp

    I am looking for a layout for a ballast for driving an Osram Hg-Cd/10 spectral lamp: https://www.osram.de/ecat/Spektroskopie-Lampen-Entladungslampen-Industrie-Spezialbeleuchtung/de/de/GPS01_1028364/PP_EUROPE_DE_eCat/ZMP_56382/ Thank you! Florian
  10. S

    How to determine UV lamp dosage values of 10-20 mJ/cm2

    How do you compute whether a certain uv lamp can produce dosage values of say 10-20 mJ/cm2? Given the following lamp specs used in uv sterilizers. " TUV TL Mini UV-C Philips TUV 4W TUV TL Mini lamps are slim double-ended UVC (germicidal) lamps used in residential water and air disinfection...
  11. P

    Question about irradiance from a UV lamp

    Greetings all, I'm normally used to researching topics related to biology but I am currently tackling a related side project with UV irradiation, and I don't have much experience with radiometry. I have a compact UV lamp that I am using to irradiate a suspension of small particles (submicron...
  12. cwill53

    Electric Lamp Question

    I had made equations for the forces in the x-direction and y-direction, but when solving them they yielded the wrong answers, which makes me think that they were incorrect: ##(T_{A}cos60^{\circ}+T_{C}cos45^{\circ})=0## ##(T_{A}sin60^{\circ}+T_{C}sin45^{\circ})=5lbs## Here's the diagram for...
  13. engnrshyckh

    Finding the fault in this circuit (UV lamp controller)

    Guys this circuit and shematic is of UV lamp controller.. It burns sometime as shown in figure can someone tell the reason?
  14. karush

    MHB 2.6.284 AP calculus Exam Lamp and Shadow related rates

    yes I know this is a very common problem but likewise many ways to solve it ok I really have a hard time with these took me 2 hours to do this looked at some examples but some had 3 variables and 10 steps confusing to get the ratios set up... ok my take on it is here see if you can solve...
  15. N

    Suggestion for a gas discharge lamp

    There is a physics event being organized in my college for which I had planned to make a muon detector. I have the circuit ready which brings 240 volts ac mains source down to 80 volts dc supply. But now, I am facing a serious problem. I have been unable to find a neon glow lamp. Basically, mý...
  16. carter7gindenv

    Infrared lamp vs red heat lamp

    Hi I'm going to use a light based source of heating for a science experiment at my university and I'm a bit confused. Sometimes the names infrared (IR) lamp and heat lamp are used as two different thing and sometimes not but I can't find clear info about it. Is there a difference? thanks in...
  17. C

    Incandescent light lamp flickering is due to what?

    Incandescent light lamp flickering due to ? Voltage or Frequency ?
  18. F

    B How are the mercury atoms in a fluorescent lamp ionised?

    I think I vaguely understand how it works but not completely. So far, I understand that fluorescent lamps have an electrode at both ends and are filled with an unreactive, low-pressure gas such as mercury. When the current passes through, the electrons are accelerated and they collide with the...
  19. L

    B I want to test my street lamp

    I want test my street lamp get lumen, lumen efficiency and color temperature, how can I get these data?
  20. Akash47

    Decreasing size of person's shadow as they walk toward a lamp

    Homework Statement If a man of height 6ft moves with 5ft/sec velocity towards a lamp hanging at 15ft height, then at what rate his shadow will decrease? Homework Equations Not sure but dynamic equations can help. The Attempt at a Solution I have no idea about how I can approach.So I want some...
  21. Muhammad Danish

    Potential Divider Circuit

    Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution When we will move the contact X towards P, the potential difference should be maximum across the potential divider. I work out A as my answer but I think it is wrong.
  22. J

    I Weird Lamp Effect: Investigating the Mystery of Fringes

    Hi everyone So something strange happened tonight. I've always hung my night lamp on a hook in the wall but last night I kept it on the floor. And i saw fringes form on the floor (see picture) Could someone please explain why the fringes formed? My guess is that two different waves from two...
  23. Richie Smash

    Explain How the Lamp in Circuit A Lights When Switch S is closed

    Homework Statement Hello Everyone, a pleasant good morning to all :) I will attach an image that shows a diagram of a circuit. The question based on this picture is as follows: ''When switch S is closed, the Lamp L, lights. Explain how this occurs.'' Homework Equations The Attempt at a...
  24. Y

    Wouldn't using AC to power a lamp result in flickering?

    Hello, I was thinking that using AC to supply power to a lamp would cause it to flicker, considering that the potential difference keeps changing signs. This would mean that the current supplies voltage to the lamp, only to take it back after a really small amount of time. Voltage say's...
  25. G

    Touch lamp circuit for posterity....

    As part of troubleshooting this circuit I drew a full schematic, only to find near the end that the blob chip was blown - the crack was hiding behind a capacitor. Anyway, since I went to the bother, I thought I'd post the schematic here in case it helps anyone else... I think the IC is a TT6061.
  26. Wrichik Basu

    B Obtaining spectrum of Sodium from Sodium Vapour Lamp

    I learned that two lines in the emission spectrum of Sodium, namely ## D_1 ## and ## D_2 ##, are on the visible region of the spectrum. Can I obtain these lines from a Sodium vapour lamp? I want to use a prism to separate out the individual wavelengths, a no then use a photographic film to...
  27. P

    Adiabatic switching time of a filament lamp

    Hello all. Firstly I am sorry if this is in the wrong place but I was unsure exactly where it fits in as it involves physics, integrated equations, and computer programming. I am trying to write an emulator for a machine which is running 256 filament lamps in a 16*16 matrix. I want to simulate...
  28. patric44

    Can i use a neon lamp as radiation detctor?

    hi guys i was just wondering if i can use one of those neon indicator as some sort of ionization champer or as a crude geiger-mullar tube. and use the basic circuit of the radiation detector to make a simple radiation detector/counter this is the circuit i came up with : so the circuit works...
  29. phy_optics

    Halogen Lamp Spectrum 12V, 50W MR16: A vs B

    12V, 50W, MR16 halogen lamp spectrum is measured as shown ('B') with our newly developed mini-spectrometer having resolution ~1nm. But in internet it was similar to 'A' (We don't know how much resolution spectrometer they've used). Could anybody let me know what exactly the spectrum look like...
  30. R

    Heating the inside of a box thanks to a lamp

    Homework Statement The box's measurements are 277*120*195mm. The lamp's power is 15W. Trying to figure out how long it will take to heat the box so that it reaches a given temperature. According to Wikipedia ρair=1,2kg/m3 and cp air=1004J*K-1*kg-1 Homework Equations ΔU=m*cp*ΔTemperature E=p*Δt...
  31. I

    B How to remember what happens to I, V and R in a circuit?

    There are two circuits, each consist of a cell and two bulbs, in one circuit they are in parallel, and in the other they are in series. What's the best way to remember which lamp has the greatest pd, current and resistance when one bulb is brighter than the other in the series and parallel circuit?
  32. C

    Boolean Expression for Relay Contacts and Lamp

    Homework Statement In the diagram, Y006 is a lamp, and X & R references are relay contacts. Write down a Boolean expression for the lamp to light. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution This is what I have done as an interim step to help me visualise what's going on: This is the...
  33. moenste

    Draw circuit, % increase in the resistance

    Homework Statement A 12 V, 24 W lamp and a resistor of fixed value are connected in some way inside a box with two external terminals. In order to discover the circuit arrangement inside the box a student connects a variable DC power source and an ammeter in series with the box and obtains the...
  34. moenste

    Why a lamp with X PD passes Y current

    Homework Statement A string of electric lamps for decorating a Christmas tree consists of 20 12 V lamps connected in series across the 240 V mains. The power consumption of the whole string is 24 W. (a) What is the resistance of each lamp? (b) If one lamp becomes short-circuited, what is...
  35. R

    Determine the largest weight of the lamp that can be supported

    Homework Statement Each cord can sustain a maximum tension of 31 lb . Determine the largest weight of the lamp that can be supported. Determine θ of cord DC for equilibrium. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I found the answer to the first part of the problem (24.4lb) but not...
  36. P

    Stop warping of photosensitive resin with desktop UV lamp

    Hey guys, Doing some research in medical physics and for testing purposes I am tryin to set SLA photosensitive resin with just a desktop lamp .. It sets fine but the problem is it warps and I'd like to set a thin sheet like 10cm square and about 1-2mm thick and keep it flat. Any brilliant ideas ?
  37. R

    Filament lamp model (derivation)

    Homework Statement State and use simple assumptions to show that ' Power is proportional to V^5' is the expected relationship for a pure tungsten filament bulb. Homework Equations V=IR I=dq/dt Q=mcT The Attempt at a Solution I tried to use a simple model where the rate of heat loss is...
  38. M

    Practical scenario: NIR laser, black light marker and lamp.

    ...and my high-school buddies said you'll never use this stuff in real life. Hello, my name is Matt and once in a while I deal with the practical application of Physics in a wide range of real-life settings. Most of the time I'm capable of researching the given topic myself. This time, I need...
  39. S

    Why do US lamp parts use an "IP" thread ?

    Is there a reason (other than tradition) why lamps in the USA use threaded tubing that has an "IP" thread standard ? Does Europe have a better approach ? I find it irritating that the nuts and connectors in the main part of local hardware stores don't fit the threaded tubing in lamps. You...
  40. R

    Help Solve Physics Problem: Lamp Moving at v=c/4

    Hello, I need help with this problem. In 2D we have a lamp that emits light in 360 degrees around itself while stationary. Than it starts moving at velocity of c/4 what is the degree of the cone in which the light now emits to ? I hope you understand, like the angle of the field where the light...
  41. S

    Inductor and lamp in parallel

    Trying to figure out why an inductor in parallel with a lamp and battery will cause the lamp to GRADUALLY increase in brightness to a steady glow. I understand the concept of a coil of wire, producing a changing magnetic field when the current running through it changes then the changing...
  42. H

    Why doesn't a fluorescent lamp implode and shatter ?

    Accoring to Wikipedia, the pressure inside a fluorescent lamp is 0.3% of the atmospheric pressure, so the pressure difference between the outside and the inside of the lamp is almost equal to the atmospheric pressure which is 1 bar or 14.7 psi. Now according to this and this, glass shatters at...
  43. N

    What shape is this lamp?

    can you tell me what shape this lamp is? like hexagon... many thanks for your help!
  44. F

    Lamp tips over and hits the top of the head

    Imagine a lamp tips over and hitst the top of the head. the lamp weighs about 300 gram and the distance when it started to tip over and hit the head was about 15 centimeters. in the moment of the impact the lamp has tipped over excactly for 90 degrees. The material is Metal that deforms only...
  45. Icy98

    Voltage across a broken lamp

    Homework Statement Why is the voltage across the broken lamp 12V? Homework Equations Can I assume the broken lamp is of infinite resistance? The Attempt at a Solution I understand the reading for the first voltmeter is 0V. But can anyone explain to me why the reading of the second voltmeter...
  46. Garlic

    UV Lamp specifications

    Hello everyone, I own a handheld UV lamp, it looks like this: I've been using it for my hobby interests, like finding out what luminescent materials at home etc. Recently a friend of mine told me that germ killing uv light could be dangerous to sensitive retina parts. I know that this...
  47. J

    Understanding the Effects of Shorted Lamp A on Power Supply

    1. Homework Statement Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution My answer to (b) was that power supply would have an internal resistance which is not negligible and will affect results. The correct answer is that shorted lamp A would cause damage to the lamps/supply. How is lamp A...
  48. G

    Mercury Vapor Lamp: Why 20-30 Minute Delay?

    I've been reading up on mercury vapor lamps, which are often used as a light source in fluorescence microscopes. I still don't understand why it decreases the lamp's lifetime if you turn it on and switch it off without waiting 20 - 30 minutes. Is there a reason for this?
  49. A

    Lamp brightness with AC

    AC is varying.So why does the brightness not vary?
  50. Silicon Waffle

    2 switches per one lamp

    I am very bad at electrical applications. I would like to install 2 separate switches that can turn on and off a lamp. They are connected but located at 2 places. When one is switched on to turn on light, the other can also be used to turn it off later and vice versa. This is an extremely common...