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Final year project ideas in mechanical engineering

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    hi!..... friends.. am new to this phyisics forum.. can anyone assist me in doing ma final year project? please give me some basic ideas to start with... thanks in advance..
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    Most important - choose a project based on something that interests you immensely. If you're an auto buff, try a hybrid, regenertive braking, new cng engine, etc. If you're scuba diver, how about a new type of diving bell, underwater audio communication ..... I was interested in the "new" gps technology and my project was "autonomous collision avoidance"
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    How about if i am interested with passive solar..
    Besides, solar cooker and solar water heater..Anything else ??
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    I've been involved in the solar energy field associated with photovoltaics'. Many experts predict (and have demonstrated) that direct solar energy (e.g. heliostat field, Fresnel lens, etc.) will evolve to be the only practical way to collect large amounts of solar energy. I happen to also believe that small scale collection - anywhere from neighborhoods, small businesses and plants, and even private homes - could benefit from these technologies.

    It is a fact that PV solutions are not yet practicle for small installations and questionable for large arrays (see NREL- National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, CO).

    The challenges include: reflectors, sun-tracking, collector/boilers, steam turbine-generators (check out Capstone Microturbine).

    In fact, there could be an entirely new line of investigation related to ways to turn the heat of solar collectors into mechanical energy then to electricity - I.E. a better marriage between the thermodynamics and elecro-magnetic factors than boiling water to make steam and then use the steam to make mechanical power to then use electro-magnetics to generate electric current (even though, as I said earlier, this still beats photovoltaics)
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    what is your area which you have to do your final year project, if you have good idea regarding that you will definitely shine..real time academic projects will help your professional activities.. so make your own..mechanical engineering projects are very easy to make.. so make your own with your idea..

    real time academic projects
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    i want to make a car wchich is run by solar energy ...please suggest me some ideas
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    please suggest some ideas on solar energy cars
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    Any engineering project should advance quickly from an idea to a feasibility study before any decision whether to pursue such an idea.

    During a cloudless day during peak sunshine hours, the energy of the sun is about 1 kW*hr per m2. An average efficiency may be about 15%, so that means you may get about 150 W*hr (540 kJ) per m2.

    For an average car (e.g. Toyota Camry), it takes about 223 kJ/km to overcome rolling resistance and 88 kJ/km to overcome air drag (at 50 km/h).

    If it takes 311 kJ per km and the vehicle is moving 50 km/hr (1.2 km per minute) then energy input is 373.2 kJ per minute. Per above, we would get 540 kJ per hour per m2 of solar collector.

    Is it feasible by downsizing the vehicle, reducing rolling resistance , etc. etc. to make a successful solar powered car? Start with a study
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    Try this: if you're a student, chances are you don't have tons of experience. So instead of trying to come up with an innovative idea for a project on your own, try to find a local manufacturing plant or industry that deals with real-world problem on a day-to-day basis, and ask them what they need. I recently graduated with a BS in mechanical - our senior project was a design for an air lock for an HVAC filter manufacturer. Necessity is the mother of invention - in order to solve a problem, you have to first find a problem to solve. I'm sure there are plenty of industries near you that would love to have free designs to improve actual processes.
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    If you are into solar applications why not try working on a solar welder?
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    Hi friends, im doing mechanical engg and have to do final year project soon... i m interested in manufacturing field and i did my mini project in lathe and have a brief idea about lathes. . but at the same time i m not constrained with the lathe itself so pls someone help me out to a good project .................. quick replies are welcomed
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    kameo, you could try a power hammer (kinetic hammer) used be blacksmith to forge there knifes. Remember in your final year project you need to better a cuurent design or at least try to get some theoretical calcs to correspond to your machines outputs! Here you could measure the amount of energy needed to forge a knife for axample the energy coming from a 4 pound hammer used by hand compaired to the energy past on by the power hammer! It is a huge amount of fun to play with as well, anyway just a thought...
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    Manufacturing has become globalized with the majority of all production now going to Asia as well as low-wage countries such as Mexico. At the same time, manufacturing processes have become so automated that the labor content is usually very low. Possibly there's an opportunity for a new type of machine patterned after the very inexpensive all-in-one machines targeting the do-it-yourself home market. I'm talking about the combo lathe-drill-mill type. I would like to see a professional version capable of high accuracy and limited production capability. For example, if someone wanted to begin manufacturing a machined product on a very limited scale, they could use this new machine (high-precision lathe-drill-mill-broach-press) and would not need to actually create a machine shop.
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    i m thinking of doing solar welding machine, my concept is that just the focus the solar rays onto the objects to be welded using a lens and then make use of the solar heat to weld that objects.......... is it possible to do that???????? i have to innovate atleast a certain bit then only my project will be approved.......... i also think of doing a project that convert solar energy to mechanical energy and then into electrical energy......... someone pls help me out........
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    Is the objective to save the electricity cost of welding? You certainly could generate enough heat but it would be very difficult to get it precisely where you need it.

    On the other hand, your second idea has much merit. In fact, many experts believe the only practical way to generate electricity with solar energy is via a heliostat field - a field of mirrors reflecting the sunlight to a boiler - then a steam turbine generates electricity - ()
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    Another thought regarding your idea of a solar welder: I think I was negative about it too soon. There could be a future need for solar welding in the construction of space stations orbiting the earth.
  18. Sep 20, 2012 #17
    A few years ago the seniors at my UG university built one. The welding area was small but it was completely doable.
  19. Oct 3, 2012 #18
    @jimgram: sir the idea of solar welding has been rejected by our project coordinator because he thought that he said the precision of welding is very poor and time required to get that much amount of heat is also high......... also regarding the conversion of solar energy into electricity using mirrors(heliostat field) a question arises that the solar energy will be maximum only between 11-3 and also during that time too the sun wont be stable and it will be moving in that case the mirror efficiency will be poor and we have to tilt the mirror according to the sun position................ so please guide me with some other ideas..........
  20. Oct 5, 2012 #19
    If you are still interested in direct solar energy (and ENTHUSIASTIC about it) you should do an Internet search. I think your project coordinator may be just a little biased OR - he may just want to see if you are willing to fight for your idea.

    The argument regarding the time when solar power is at its maximum applies to all solar technology (as does the weather - clouds, rain, cleanliness of the absorber/mirrors, etc.). Even photo-voltaics must be adjusted for the angle of the seasonal changes in the position of the sun. Tracking mirrors is a fundamental challenge for a heliostat field - one that has been successfully addressed in several installations. A major innovation could be the development of a small tracking system which would require a compact (and economical) boiler, turbine, or steam engine (or maybe a yet to be thought of more direct way to utilize the heat from 10, 20, or even 100 suns (this is the way a heliostat field works: every mirror adds the equivilent area of the "sun" so that two mirrors combine to create concentrate the energy of two "suns": 1 sun = 1 kW/m^2). You'll see plenty of examples in the category of DIY innovators on the Internet and especially YouTube
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    @jimgram. sir i just want to tell you one thing i m still confident of doing project on solar energy or may be the renewable energy sources but the point is that not only the project coordinator or project guide said that the solar welding wont work. . . so i request you to suggest me some more ideas on solar energy or renewable energy sources other than that two(solar welding and energy conversion) ..........
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