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Find electric field of a spherical shell

  1. Sep 24, 2009 #1
    1. A thin spherical shell of radius 6.8 m has a total charge of 7.77 C distributed uniformly over its surface. Find the electric field E 10.4 m from the center of the shell. Answer in units of N/C.
    ke = 8.988 * 10^9 Nm^2/C^2

    2. E = ke * (Q/r^2)

    3. I did (8.988 * 10^9 Nm^2/C^2)(7.77 C/10.4m^2)
    The answer I came up with is 6.4568 * 10^9 N/C, am I doing this correctly?
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  3. Sep 24, 2009 #2


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    Yes, looks good to me!
  4. Sep 24, 2009 #3
    I thought so too, but for some reason it keeps telling me my answer is incorrect.
  5. Sep 25, 2009 #4
    Do you know the right answer? Are you off by a certain order of magnitude? If yes, you should check to make sure you wrote the units properly. I've forgotten to take into account unit modifiers like micro and nano before. Just a thought, since your work is correct as is.
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    Doc Al

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    The formula is fine, you just made an arithmetic error. (Careful with decimal points.)
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