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Homework Help: Find the derivative of e^x / sqrt(2)

  1. Nov 20, 2007 #1
    I must be brain dead ,but I can not seem to compute the derivative of e^x/sqrt2

    I am stuck when I used the quotient rule for derivatives
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    if you're problem is deriv of (e^x)/sqrt2 then try factoring out the sqrt2. If not the quotient rule is (F'G - FG')/(G^2)
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    You don't have a "quotient"! You just have ex multiplied by a CONSTANT.
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    d/dx e^x = e^x

    d/dx sqrt(2) = 0

    I don't know the english name for this rule but call e^x = u and sqrt(2) = v

    d/dx u/v = (u'v-uv')/v^2
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    That would be the "quotient rule" referred to before. However, you don't really need either the product rule or quotient rule when the other "function" is a constant!
    If C is a constant, then (Cf(x))'= Cf '(x) and (f(x)/C)'= f'(x)/C. Most people learn those long before (well, maybe a week) before they learn the product rule or quotient rule.
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