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A Find the minimum without Calculus or Graphing

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    ƒ(ß)=.5sec(ß) + √[1+(sec2(ß)/4)+tan(ß)/√(2)]
    Without graphing it or using calculus find the minimum. I already know the answer but want to know how to do it. It s at π/12 and is something like 1.5.
    First off this is NOT a homework problem. I already know the answer is something like 1.5 at π/12 but I want to know how to do it. DONT PUT THIS IN A HOMEWORK SECTION.
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    Perhaps one can use trig identities to simplify it first.
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    I'd like to know the actual function. Probably not
    or, as we write it here $$ {1\over 2\cos\beta}+ \sqrt{ 1 + {1\over 4 \cos^2\beta} + {1\over \sqrt 2}\tan\beta} $$ surely ?
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    Probably not.

    Have you checked if the Pi/12 and 1.5 satisfy the expression?
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    Make a large table of values at small step size.

    Pick the three lowest adjacent values.

    Fit to a quadratic.

    Use the standard formula for the minimum of a parabola opening upward.
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