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Homework Help: Find the time (t) - (linear problems)

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    I've decided to give these a different approach. Thanks for the contribution, and sorry for missing the guidelines about posting one's attempts. I might be back to this same thread.
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    You say you disagree with your textbook on the solutions. Would it be possible for you to elaborate on your approach that leads to these disagreements?
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    It might be just easier, for you as well as me, if I could get some answers and approaches from different people.
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    I'm afraid that this is not possible without you first showing your efforts at the two questions, according to our posting guidelines;
    If you could perhaps detail your efforts we could comment on the validity of your solutions.
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    Hi. I'm not going to provide any solution to the qns. However, i can provide you with some hints.

    For qn 1) What you could do is to consider the 4 eqns of motion. Form two eqns using one of the eqns and finally, by doing some little manipulation, You should be able to get the ans. Not sure if i'm right but i think the time is 0.822s?

    For qn 2) What's the initial velocity? Did the locomotive start from rest or wat?

    Perhaps, you could provide us with ur textbook solution and tell us where the prob lies so we can perhaps better analyse the prob.
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