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Homework Help: Finding angle and Forces in a system

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    1. The system is set up in a y shape. A weight of 12kg is hanging from the bottom. One of the angles formed with respect to the x-axis is 25. We are also told the 2 forces are equal.

    2. Sum of forces in the x directions = 0. Sum of forces in the y direction = 0. 12kg*9.81 = 117.72N.

    3. Since the 2 forces are equal. I have made the following equations.
    Sum Fx: F cos 25 - F cos Q = 0
    Sum Fy: F sin 25 + F sin Q = -117.72

    I am looking for Fa, Fb, and the other angle.

    My friend has suggested to make the angles equal to each other since the forces are equal, but that doesn't seem like it would be correct.

    I am just looking for a way to get this started.
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    From your sum of Fx equation, since you know that F≠0, why don't you divide by F?
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    Cause that's too easy. ;) Yup, then the other angle is 25. Guess my friend was right. Thanks.
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