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Finding n and p of semiconductor given temp, NA, ND, and Ni

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    I'm doing independent study on semiconductors to prepare for a future class and I'm having problems with some problems that concern finding the n and p of doped Silicon given only a temperature, NA, ND, and Ni. I understand that n*p=Ni^2, but, given that this means that n does not equal ND (and p does not equal NA) I cannot find what equations to use for the solution. I would greatly appreciate any help understanding how this works. Thank you in advance
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    n*p = Ni^2 only works for an intrinsic semiconductor. Once the semiconductor is doped, you need to take Na and Nd (the acceptor and donor concentrations) into account. A very clear webpage that explains the equations you need is: http://ecee.colorado.edu/~bart/book/extrinsi.htm
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