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Homework Help: Finding potential difference in a very long hollow cylinder

  1. Mar 10, 2015 #1
    A very long hollow cylinder has inner radius A and outer radius B. It has a known unit charge per unit volume p. Find the difference in the electric potential a point on the axis and a point a distance A+D assuming A+D<B
    The diagram is in the url. It is #3


    I used Gauss law to find the Electric field at a point 'R'. I got pV/E0 then I integrated this from 0 to A+D and I got the answer p[A+D]^2/E0 though this isn't the answer. Could someone explain what I did wrong?
    The correct answer is -p/2E0 (4A^2/2 - A^2/2 - A^2ln2)
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    Please post your working to that point.
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