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Finding Reactance from System Fault Level

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    Hi, apologies if this is very simple but I am still learning the basics of power system analysis and would like it if someone would be able to clarify what I have been told regarding system fault levels and subsequent system reactance values (X) from this. Basically, I have been told that system reactance is simply the reciprocal of the system fault level. We were given the following info;

    System Voltage = 400kV, System Fault Level = 10000MVA

    I was then told that in per unit, the system reactance would be 1/10000 = 0.0001 (on 10000MVA Base)

    I would just like some clarification as this seems a little too simple to be honest, shouldn't the voltage come into it?

    Sorry if this is very simple.

    Thanks :)
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