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Homework Help: Finding the Function of a Given Graph

  1. Mar 10, 2013 #1
    You are given a table and (maybe) a picture of a graph. Here are the points given: 0,0; 1,-.7568; 2,.99061; and 3,-.988. What is the function? Is it possible to figure out by hand?
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    Call the first co-ordinate x, and the second y in each case.
    Graph the points. If it is a straight line, use y=mx to find the equation.

    If it it curves up like a parabola, try graphing y vs x2 and or y = y vs x3

    If the graph flattens off, try y vs √x etc.
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    If you have a good calc or program, do line of best fit. It is not linear. It very well may be trigonometric due to the alternating signs. There are ways to do it for EXPO and poly but Trig ones are hard by hand.
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