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Finding the inner product formulla

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    once i solve that one is the derivative of the other

    but here its much harder to guess the formulla

    what is the general method?
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    i want to find the formula for the inner product which defines such norm.

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    You still haven't told us what the entire problem is- that looks like part of a problem. Three numbers don't "define" anything!
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    i need to find alpha beta and gama
    so this expression will be minimal

    i know how to solve such stuff
    i have a vector and a subspace to make a projection of the vector

    so i make an orthogonal basis and then i make a projection of that vector
    into my space

    and then the difference between that vector and the original vector is the minimal

    but in order to do all that i need the
    inner product formula which defines this norm.

    usually i figured out the formula by guessing

    but here i cant guess

    so i am asking if there is a general method
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