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Finding the intensity of radiation ?

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    I have a 150 W Xenon lamp with me and I need to know what is the intensity(W/m^2) of light being radiated on a surface at x distance away . How do I do it ?

    Can I use a photodiode, if yes then how ?
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    You could look for a photometer which can output irradiance for visible light.
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    I can tell you how to CALCULATE the intensity if you assume that 150W is all light.
    The 150W passes through the surface of a sphere of radius r as it spreads out (assuming no absorbtion by the air) so the theoretical intensity = 150/(4πr^2) W/m^2
    I am certain that this is not a good enough answer for you but it will give you a maximum value and if you have more data about the bulb then I hope it is of some use.
    good luck
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