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Homework Help: Finding the intersection of a plane

  1. Sep 10, 2008 #1
    Here is the problem:

    Replace the two forces afting on the pole by a wrench. Write a moment M associated with a wrench as a vector and specify the coordinates of the point P in the y-z plane through which the line of action of wrench passes.

    I already figured the moment to be
    ("T" and "a" are both scalar)

    M = Ta(4i - 3j)

    How would I go about finding the intersection of the plane? My train of thought is leading me towards the idea that I need to set x=0 but I'm not sure...

    thanks for the help in advance!!
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    Hi clickcaptain! :smile:

    I can't quite visualise this …

    doesn't the moment go along the pole, to where the pole meets the y-z plane? :confused:

    If I'm wrong, perhaps you'd better give us more details. :smile:
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