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Finding the right electrical connector.

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    Hey guys, I've been trying to find the right electrical connectors for my labs scanning tunneling microscope. Problem I've been having is that the connectors I find are either too pricey or not to the right specs. I need a mated pair, 8-contact multi-pin for mounting on a flange, that will operate in vacuum of 50mtorr, for a temperature-controller operating at 10.5V, all for under 250$ max, other specs are irrelevant. The current connector I have are fischer and I will tell you that I am NOT interested in getting another from them. I've looked at a few companies but I've gotten really tired of browsing through catalogs for hours, getting put on hold, getting inadequate customer support, and then waiting half a week for price quotes that are to high. If anyone knows of a good company for a mid quality connector like this please let me know.
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    If you can't afford the connector then how about using a different way through into the vacuum chamber? Are there simple simple feed-thru's that can handle the pressure difference? Your connector could be working at atmospheric pressure. Or perhaps there are simple coax connectors or connectors with fewer than 8 contacts.
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