Finding Values of p for Convergence: (-1)^(n-1)/ n^p

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Homework Statement

For what values of p is the series con.
(-1)^ (n-1)/ (n)^(p)

Homework Equations

In order for a p series to converge, p should be greater than 1

The Attempt at a Solution

So an = 1/ n^p

and p > 1

Is that right ?
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You're making so many abbreviations and omissions that it's hard to tell what you're thinking -- I think you even confused yourself because of it. Try again, but this time say what you're doing, and why.
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I don't think so,, the only abbreviation is Con. which means Convergent

** Am trying to find the valu of p for which the series will converge

What I thought about is : becauce it 's a p-series , then p should be P greater than 1 ?

What do you think ??
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So, give a hint? !
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Oh, you I mean this part is a p- series, the one I considered as an

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