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Finiding replacment for VISHAY sginal comditioning amplifier

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    Hello... i have preety old Signal conditioning smplifers - Vishey 2310 (about 50 of them). they are over 20yo and they are conciderd to be very good but the time took its tole and i have only few that are functioning propely. can you recomend on last generation amps with the same spec?

    thanks in advance
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    Every signal conditioning amplifier is different. You probably do not need all the features of the V2310 system. It is better to describe the source of the signals that you are conditioning and the specifications required for that task. What happens to the output from the V2310 amplifier? These days most bridge sensor systems are all digital. What is your application?

    It also appears that the V2310 amplifiers can be maintained, maybe as simply as by replacing electrolytic capacitors.
    What are the symptoms of the faulty units? Do you have a circuit diagram for the V2310?
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