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Homework Help: Flow of water vs mercury vs treacle

  1. Apr 30, 2009 #1
    Imagine a hollow cylinder filled with water (a water tank)
    a hole is near the bottom of the cylinder

    the hole is covered, the tank filled with water and then the hole is uncovered

    the volume flow rate = Q
    h = the height of the hole from the water level

    Q = Pi*r^2 * (squareroot 2gh)
    (i solved this from)

    q=av (area * velocity)

    area of cylinder = pi R^2

    velocity as it leave the hole = Squareroot (2gh) -> (h being the height from the hole to the water level)

    after doing the experiment and graphs and stuff i got the velocity of the water jet to be 2.816 ms^-1

    would the velocity be different if i had mercury in the cylinder instead of water?

    i know the velocity is determined by [tex]\sqrt{}(2gh)[/tex]
    so the density and mass of the liquid shouldn't make a difference!

    but that made me think, what if i put something like honey or treacle into the cylinder.
    it would definitely be slower, So wouldn't [tex]\sqrt{}(2gh)[/tex] be wrong? even though my text book says to use that formula?
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