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Flowmeter Impact from Changing Pressure

  1. Jun 10, 2015 #1
    I have an argon piping system. The pressure is set at 50 psi. Assume no pressure drop. I have a flowmeter that is calibrated to run at 25 psi. Basically, I want to know what the "new" scale will be on the flowmeter as a result of the increased pressure (from 25 to 50 psi).

    In other words, if the meter reads 100 SCFH @ 25psi, what would/should it read at 50 psi?
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    Depends entirely on the type of meter, some will remain correct..
    The manual should have the calibration procedure?
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    No, this one unfortunately is calibrated only for 25psi. Any deviation will result in needing a correction factor.
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