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Flux through a surface increase or decrease

  1. Apr 14, 2006 #1
    A dipole lies on the X axis , with the positive charge q at x=d/2 and negative charge -q at x=-d/2 .i know that the electric flux through the surface in YZ plane (midway between the charges) will be zero .now this surface is rotated so that the normal to the surface is no longer parallel to the x axis . Will the flux through the surface increase /decrease / remain the same ?
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    1. Which part of the above text is the actual question ? Please post the entire question verbatim.

    2. What attempt have you made to determine if there is a change in the flux ?
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    Since the surface is rotated symmetrically the net flux should still be 0.

    - Arun
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    The initial flux is not zero.
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