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Flying cars from string theory ?

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    Flying cars from string theory ? :)

    This is the link to the short story from http://motls.blogspot.com/2005/11/flying-cars-from-string-theory.html" [Broken].

    My comment: LOL ! But the kid seems to have potential...
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    The kid sounds like he has potential for needing long-term therapy. From your second link:
    The first one commented on the same thing, that his father was speaking on his behalf because the child doesn't communicate well with adults.

    Poor kid. :frown: This sounds a lot like the story there was about a supposed child prodigy (I think she was 5 or so) who produced paintings (made almost believable because it was the variety of paintings that are lots of paint splashed on canvas). Her parents would never let anyone see her painting though. Finally, one of those TV news magazine type shows convinced them to set up a video camera in their home to tape her painting since they claimed she wouldn't paint if people were watching. Contrary to the parents' claims that she would just sit down with paints for hours and not stop, the tape showed her parents spending an awful lot of time trying to urge her to paint, pointing to the canvas as if to give her instruction of where paint goes, etc. The final product looked little different than an average child's finger painting. A psychologist watching the tape said she showed very age-appropriate behavior and skills, but nothing that would indicate she had the passion or focus or exceptional skill that a prodigy would require. The overall conclusion was that her parents (likely her father) were doing the paintings for her (or at the least, finishing them for her to make them look professional).

    I just think it's so sad for parents to use their child like that. Their own competitiveness is so out of control that they'll scar their child for life over bragging rights.
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    Yeah, you may be right. He probably has some talent, but god knows what kind of parents he has (for real). He "doesn't communicate well with adults" and they send him to college ???

    I didn't know about this other story, its said somebody does this to a kid. If a kid is really smart they claim he/she is, he will probably proove it later in lafe himself. What good could this publicity do to a 8 year old ? If he doesn't do so good they expect him, they'll probably think he is a failure (and the truth is, they are, not him).
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