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For Dell Laptop owners

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    This is the BEST tool I ever seen out for a darn DELL!!! The MBM5 sensor and the plugin didn not work nearly as well as this program and you can manually or have it run automatically set your fan speeds. :) Do not worry about starting a fire, the program also contains a max temp in which the fans will kick on themselves either by BIOS or this program. Really good!!!
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    What an awesome program. It's better than all other programs!
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    Yes, provide a link. More details, action, love story, romance, we all love a happy ending.
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    I'm assuming he's talking about this : http://www.diefer.de/i8kfan/

    That is what I run, and I have had much luck with it! Great utilities on that page :) 1 year on, and no problems.
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