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ForaTV dedicated to posting conferences and talks?

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    Any one else know of this site dedicated to posting conferences and talks?

    I have been visiting the site for most of the year now and so far, I like it. I use it more often than I use youtube to find similar videos.

    Their content ranges from business to technology. You can watch the "Singularity Summit" for free, although it is about 100+ minutes long. I haven't watched it yet because I am not exactly interested in the sensationalism of Ray Kurzweil, but another might be.

    If anyone is interested, check out their site, you might find an interesting talk.

    For those interested in politics, you may find the debate, "Are the Rich Taxes Enough?" quite interesting (running time = 109 minutes, and its free to watch).

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    Re: ForaTV

    Kurzweil is considered a crackpot. Sounds like they'll allow anything.
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    Re: ForaTV

    They have some serious academic scientists on their channel. You can usually weed out the crack-pots (I've only seen Ray Kurzweil as a notable crackpot on the site, but he is more of the exception to a dedicated site towards quality talks).

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