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Force and Laws of motion Text Book

  1. Aug 1, 2015 #1
    What is the best way to make a 9th grader understand the concept of force and laws of motion. Also please refer a book where he can get a good practice to solve force numericals. Please mention the ISBN code of the book also. Thanks a lot
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    Welcome to Physics Forums, Ashish.

    We have a thread where you can get plenty of Free Physics Books!
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    Matter, Earth and Sky, by George Gamow is interesting. I think I read this when I was in 8-9 grade. A little light on numerical stuff, but there is a lot of modern physics in there.
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    One is learning about experiments: I guess for that 101 science experiments is good...
    Other is learning the theory: for that a good starting point may be Conceptual Physics - Paul Hewitt
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