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Force of Head Striking a Marble Floow

  1. Jan 16, 2009 #1
    Sorry, but my math is a bit rusty but -- Recently while using a wheel chair I fell from a lift banging my head on a marble floor. the lift was 6 feet off the ground, plus adding 4 feet while in a sitting position, the total fall was between 9 and 10 feet. Could someone help me calculate the force on my head when I hit the marble floor.

    PS. broken back plus ribs. But I would really like to know the force on my head at point of impact. would i use the general formula F=ma. But i would really like someone knowledgeable in math/physics to do the calculation.\

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    Yes the formula is f=ma, the complexity is that the 'a' is the rate at which your head slowed down as it hit.
    And so depends on the details of how your skin, muscles and brain deformed on microsecond timescales.
    Then there is the question of how much force/energy/momentum is transferred to which organs in your head on what timescale to asses any possible damage.
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    This is no joke -- it happened and I've been suffering the effects of it for a year. I need a way to convey the impact on my brain to my doctors / health care therapists. So please help calculate because I can't.
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    Your doctor can't diagnose a concussion? These types of calculations are misleading at best. There are so many factors involved that influence the time of deceleration that the only viable way to do this is to measure the shock with an accelerometer.
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