What is Marble: Definition and 92 Discussions

Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble is typically not foliated, although there are exceptions. In geology, the term marble refers to metamorphosed limestone, but its use in stonemasonry more broadly encompasses unmetamorphosed limestone. Marble is commonly used for sculpture and as a building material.

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  1. A

    Collision problem, two marbles, one starts moving and one starts at rest, find the speeds of both after the collision

    Solved equation 1 for v1f and then substituted into equation 2 and solved for v2f. Got 2.22 as the answer, but it said the answer is incorrect.
  2. A.T.

    I Marble spiralling inside a cylinder- New video

    There is a new video regarding an old thread we had here: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/marble-spiralling-inside-a-cylinder.521152/
  3. sigurdfromnor

    (Movement Homework) What is the speed of a marble falling on the moon?

    Sorry for the bad english. This might sound stupid but I am pretty new the physics and i can't seem to find what formula to use on this problem when only the mass, gravity and height of the fall is given. and i can't find a similar problem in the book, could someone give me any pointers? Thanks...
  4. xWaldorf

    I Friction Coefficient of Marble & Iron on Plastic

    hey, i was looking for information on friction coefficient of marble on plastic and iron on plastic. if you know these values i'll be very glad! thanks in advance
  5. neilparker62

    Strange question — Catapult launching a marble over an obstacle

  6. O

    Millikan Experiment Based Marble Mass Homework

    I arranged the masses in ascending order: 11.0 g 11.1 g 20.6 g 21.4 g 21.5 g 25.7 g 25.8 g 25.9 g 31.6 g 31.9 g I found the average mass of the marbles: 22.65 g I found the difference in masses of the marbles: 0.1 g 9.5 g 0.8 g 0.1 g 4.2 g 0.1 g 0.1 g 5.7 g 0.3 g I found the average of the...
  7. O

    Equation of motion of a marble moving on a generic vertical guide

    Hello to everyone :smile: I'd like to study this problem. You have a 2D guide, described by an equation y = y (x) in a reference interval x ∈ I = [a, b], placed in a cartesian vertical plane Oxy. The guide is frictionless and the only force that is acting is the gravity force. On this track, a...
  8. Addez123

    B Probability of picking one black and one white marble

    My approach is the amount of successfull options / total amount of options. I can first pick white in 3 different ways. Then black in 4 different ways 3 * 4 But I can also pick black first then white 4 * 3 Total amount of ways to pick marbles are 7 *6 So the probability is: (3*4 + 4 * 3) / (7...
  9. jfizzix

    A Is there a quantum uncertainty to the number of atoms in a marble?

    I know precious little about quantum field theory, but want to understand the following. If each Fermion and Boson has its own field.. ..and as an example, the EM field can be in a coherent state, which is a superposition over many photon number states.. .. then can a fermion field, or...
  10. V

    Class Project: Marble Ball Launcher [Help]

    What I'm here to find out: I am in the early stages of a physics project to build a electric circuit or use an electrical source to power the force that will carry a marble throughout the mechanical portion of the project, going through linear acceleration and circular motion. I'm not sure what...
  11. YoungPhysicist

    Discover the Magic of Marble-Based Computing with Turing Tumble Kickstarter

    Recently I found this on YouTube: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/871405126/turing-tumble-gaming-on-a-mechanical-computer It’s about a small board machine that can do similar logic tasks to actual computers.
  12. Jonathan1218

    Rolling Marble + Air resistance = Displacement?

    A marble rolls down an inclined plane with an angle of elevation of 5 degrees, roughly 4.9sin(5)m/s/s, and at normal pressure temperature NPT what would I need to add to S=1/2 at^2 to include the air resistance considering the marble is a sphere with a radius of 0.85cm and mass of 20g. The whole...
  13. L

    Marble rolling on ramp harmonic motion

    Homework Statement A perfectly solid marble of radius R rolls without slipping at the bottom of a spherical bowl of a radius 6R. The marble rolls back and forth in the vertical plane executing simple harmonic motion close to the lowest point. How long does it take the marble to go down one side...
  14. Jamie_Pi

    Starting height of marble rolling around a loop the loop

    Homework Statement The marble rolls down a track and around a loop-the-loop of radius R. The marble has mass m and radius r. What minimum height h must the track have for the marble to make it around the loop-the-loop without falling off? (Use any variable or symbol stated above along with the...
  15. D

    I with the formula for this marble falling from a platform

    A marble is released at 22.5 meters per second from a 70 meter tall platform. When will the marble strike the ground if the equation for the platforms height is 2.3[t][/2]+ (-)6.5t+70?
  16. aatari

    Projectile Problem: Marble falls from Desk

    Hey Guys, I have attempted the question below and need someone to check my work, please. Thanks! 1. Homework Statement A marble rolls off a desk that is 0.86 m above the floor with a horizontal speed of 1.2 m/s. a) What is the marble's horizontal velocity when it is half way to the floor...
  17. RJ MAcready

    Whacking a golfball down a marble corridor

    Title says it all really, myself and others on another forum have oft pondered how far a golf ball would travel before coming to a rest if you were to whack it straight down an infinite marble corridor, assuming there are no height restrictions and taking into account the swing from a top...
  18. H

    Marble Static Equilibium

    Homework Statement Two uniform, 75.0-g marbles 2.00 cm in diameter are stacked as shown in Fig. P11.75 in a container that is 3.00 cm wide. (a) Find the force that the container exerts on the marbles at the points of contact A, B, and C. (b) What force does each marble exert on the other...
  19. M

    Probability of Cheryl Getting 2 Marbles of Same Color

    Homework Statement A box contains 2 red marbles, 2 green marbles, and 2 yellow marbles. Carol takes 2 marbles from the box at random; then Claudia takes 2 of the remaining marbles at random; and then Cheryl takes the last 2 marbles. What is the probability that Cheryl gets 2 marbles of the same...
  20. G

    Free fall acceleration

    Homework Statement Can free fall acceleration be determined by dropping a marble through a single photogate? The CPO timer attached to the photogate can measure the time it takes for the marble to pass between the arms. Knowing the diameter of the marble enables one to calculate the speed. If...
  21. W

    MHB Marbles & Stamps: How Many Did Casey Buy?

    I have a question Carey bought some marbles and gave half of them to Casey. Casey bought some stamps and gave half of them to Carey. Carey used 5 stamps and Casey gave away 11 marbles. The ratio of the number of stamps to the number of marbles Carey had left then became 1 : 7 and the ratio of...
  22. K

    A marble that is rolling without slipping approaches a hill

    Homework Statement A marble that is rolling without slipping approaches a hill at 8.5 m/s. How high vertically will the marble go under these circumstances: If the hill is rough enough to prevent any slipping? If the hill is perfectly smooth? Why does the marble rise to different heights when...
  23. S

    A glass marble is dropped down an elevator shaft

    Homework Statement [/B] A glass marble is dropped down an elevator shaft and hits a thick glass plate on top of an elevator that is descending at a speed of 2.10 m/s. The marble hits the glass plate 7.5 m below the point from which it was dropped. If the collision is elastic, how high will the...
  24. camelCaseD

    Find how long a marble rolls down a ramp, given distance and angle

    Homework Statement How many seconds does it take a marble to run down a ramp with a length of 5.0 m and an angle of 6.9°? Correct answer = 2.9 s. Homework Equations v = at d = 1/2at2 The Attempt at a Solution √2(5)/9.8≠2.9 s
  25. F

    Physics project: marble cannon

    I need to make a cannon that fires a marble. It must be accurate and adjustable enough to hit targets of varying distance and through varying obstacles. For propellant, I want to use compressed air, for which I have an apparatus (valve from a bike tire attached to a PVC cylinder roughly fifteen...
  26. klc2006

    Circular Motion of a marble

    Homework Statement You swing a marble with mass m attached to the end of a string in a horizontal circle as shown in the figure below. The angle that the string makes with the vertical is θ = 37°. (a) Find the speed of the marble when the string is 26.0 cm long.Homework Equations soh,cah,toa...
  27. T

    A Marble Rolls Around a Circular Cone - Diagram

    Homework Statement http://gyazo.com/fa8026ffdf2ccb97d0b09b9e74460455 Homework Equations Fnet=mg The Attempt at a Solution I said that the letter B was the normal force which I derived from just drawing an FBD of the ball on the left side of the code For acceleration I used...
  28. O

    Drag on a marble shot through water

    Homework Statement An object moving in a liquid experiences a linear drag force: D⃗ =(bv, direction opposite the motion), where b is a constant called the drag coefficient. For a sphere of radius R, the drag constant can be computed as b=6πηR, where η is the viscosity of the liquid...
  29. B

    Forces, marble on side of spinning bowl

    Homework Statement A bowl has a hemispherical inside surface with radius R = 15 cm, and is sitting in the exact center of a spinning table that completes one full turn in 0.72 s. A small marble is dropped into the bowl. After the marble has stopped rolling around, it will come to rest...
  30. micromass

    Mechanics - marble rolling in dish

    Homework Statement This is Problem 6.34 from Kleppner: A marble of radius b rolls back and forth in a shallow dish of radius R. Find the frequency of small oscillations. R>>b. Apparently, the answer is \omega=\sqrt{\frac{5g}{7R}}.Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Ok so I have my...
  31. T

    Marble Probability Problem

    I tried to understand the following concept but a friend of mine came up with a different result. Can someone explain how I would find the odds of the following: I have a large box full of marbles. It is full of a total of 100 marbles: 15 blue marbles, 15 purple marble, 15 rainbow marbles, 15...
  32. T

    Is the marble shot, fired, or thrown?

    I am not an expert or even a student of physics, but I am translating a document from Spanish to English that discusses the history of Newton and Kepler. My question is regarding frequently used terminology. I have a sentence that translates to this: “From the edge of a table, a marble is...
  33. binbagsss

    Rotational and Translational Kinetic Energy - marble and bowl problem.

    A uniform marble rolls down a symmetric bowl, starting from rest at the top of the left side. The top of each side is a distance above the bottom of the bowl. The left half of the bowl is rough enough to cause the marble to roll without slipping, but the right half has no friction because it...
  34. J

    What shape ramp for maximum marble jump?

    Hi, I'm in the process of building a marble run out of brass wire using 15mm steel ball bearings. For ease of visualisation, it will be similar in principle to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FRYX-kcZ9k&feature=relmfu I want to include a "jump" where the marble travels up a ramp at...
  35. U

    Bounce Plate with Marble

    Homework Statement A marble has been dropped from a given height H + h. There is a metal plate directly below the marble at height h. The marble drops and hits the plate which is at 45 degrees and lands a distance away, R. Find an equation for R(H,h), that is finding the distance the marble...
  36. L

    Marble around the loop-the-loop

    Homework Statement A marble rolls down a track and around a loop-the-loop of radius R. The marble has mass m and radius r. What minimum height h must the track have for the marble to make it around the loop-the-loop without falling off? Homework Equations mgh = 1/2mv^2 + 1/2Iw^2...
  37. J

    My Charged Insulating Marble: What Should Have Happened?

    I have a charged insulating marble -- let's say I used an electrostatic generator to get it up to 1 coulomb, and it weighs 1g (don't make me say 9.8mN). I have it in an insulating "box" whose walls and ceiling are very far away. I have it sitting still for a long time, so its E field is ~1/r^2...
  38. P

    Dropping marble in space station riddle

    You're in a space station. It's shaped like inner tube of a tire. It's rotating, you're standing on the floor inside "inner tube" station. (the floor is the inside part of outer rim of tube) You are holding a marble, you are standing sideways with respect to rotation. (the space station is...
  39. S

    Help please - marble rolling around loop-the-loop

    Help please -- marble rolling around loop-the-loop A solid marble of mass m = 15 kg and radius r = 8 cm will roll without slipping along the loop-the-loop track shown in the figure if it is released from rest somewhere on the straight section of track. The radius of the loop-the-loop is R =...
  40. S

    What is the speed of each marble immediately after the collision?

    Homework Statement A 43.0 marble moving at 1.90 strikes a 30.0 marble at rest. What is the speed of each marble immediately after the collision? (vfx)1=? (vfx)2=? Homework Equations v2f=2 m1 v1 / (m1 + m2) The Attempt at a Solution I tried using the equation above to get...
  41. jfy4

    Marble like atoms in a jar

    Homework Statement In a classical gas of hard spheres (of diameter D), the spatial distribution of the particles is no longer uncorrelated. Roughly speaking, the presence of n particles in the system leaves only a volume (V − nv_0 ) available for the (n + 1)th particle; clearly, v_0 would be...
  42. L

    Marble Rolling/Projctle Motion

    [b]1. A student finds that it takes .20s for a ball to pass through photogates places 30cm apart on a level ramp. The end of the ramp is 92cm above the floor. Where should a coin be placed so that the ball strikes it directly on impact with the ground? [b]2. ΔX=ViTf+1/2 ATf^2 v= ΔX/ΔT...
  43. G

    Marble loop roller coaster launcher

    Help me here. I need to figure out how to launch a marble so it navigates a vertical loop, then follows projectile motion at the end of the loop The design must use elastic potential energy to do this and must consistantly launch it consistantly to a specifyied location. I can't figure...
  44. L

    Marble Speed on a Track

    Hi all--Thanks for any help you might be able to provide, I've been lurking in the forum for a while and find everyone's comments to be extraordinarily helpful. Homework Statement The spring with a constant 103N/m launches a marble (m=5 g, r=.5cm) on a horizontal track with a loop (like a...
  45. K

    Determining Minimum Height for Marble to Complete Loop-the-Loop

    Homework Statement A marble rolls down a track and around a loop-the-loop of radius R. The marble has mass m and radius r. What minimum height h must the track have for the marble to make it around the loop-the-loop without falling off? Homework Equations What minimum height h must the...
  46. V

    Rotational Motion of a marble

    Homework Statement A solid uniform marble and a block of ice, each with the same mass, start from rest at the same height H above the bottom of a hill and move down it. The marble rolls without slipping, but the ice slides without friction. Find the speed of each of these objects when it...
  47. C

    Marble spiralling inside a cylinder

    My son and I were playing in the park and accidently came across an interesting physical force. We threw a marble on an angle through the inside of a plastic blow-mold cylinder. The cylinder was approx 1M long X 0.6M Diameter. The marble returned after reaching top dead center on the second...
  48. J

    Gravitational force of a marble

    how do we calcaulate the gravitational force of a marble with a mass of 3.66 grams
  49. Jadaav

    Measure the diameter of a marble with a micrometer

    I got to measure the diameter of a marble with a micrometer. Whatever the diameter and the radius be, it doesn't matter here and calculate the volume of the marble I was told to use the formula " V = Square root of (4/3 * 22.7 * rcube)". Then the last question was asked: "Give 1 practical...
  50. B

    Rolling Marble on table

    Homework Statement A very small steel marble is shown rolling at a constant speed on a horizontal table. The marble leaves the table at M, falls, and hits the ground at P. This is illustrated in the diagram below which is drawn to scale. Calculate the time it took the marble to travel from L...