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Force (Thrust) produced by a water pump at hose end

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    Hi all,

    I have been searching for days (and trying many different formulas) to try and work out the force (thrust) produced by a water pump at the end of a hose (given a perfect frictionless world) and was hoping someone could help...

    The following specifications are given:

    Fluid: Water (Density = 1000kg/m3)
    Inlet/Outlet/Hose diameter: 6cm
    Inlet/Outlet/Hose area: 0.028m2
    Flow rate of pump: 1000L/m
    Pump Head: 25m = 3.5kg/cm2 - Head to Pressure: p(kg/cm2) = 0.1 h(m)
    Starting velocity of water: 0m/s
    Pump height: 0m

    What would be the correct formula to determine the thrust produced by the exiting water, think of the hose exit as a rocket engine exit... Essentially, I'm trying to workout if the following theoretical pump could lift say a 10kg weight off the ground (require around 98N for force).

    If you need any more information please let me know!


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