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Formula for allowable wall thickness

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    I need to determine the minimum wall thickness for 1018 CRS for a knife blade. I know the moment, max deflection, greatest safe load, yield strength, MOE, length, density, current wall thickness, etc.

    However, I can not find a general formula connecting yield strength to wall thickness, which is, I think, what I need. Any help in finding a formula so that I can determine the minimum wall thickness with the info. above is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    When you say "wall thickness" that implies a hollow shelled piece like a pipe for example. Since you are talking about a knife, I would assume this is not the case.

    What kind of loading scenario are you looking at?
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    its actually pretty much a thick-walled pipe like you first thought. It only has a series of blades in the middle of the piece. the greatest safe load, as is, is around 2700 pounds.

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