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Vacuum vessel / distiller correct wall thickness?

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    vacuum vessel / distiller correct wall thickness??


    I have a vacuum vessel / distiller type of vessel with following:-

    Temperature inside the vessel max. 200°C [Celcius] and a
    Vacuum at max. -80kPa = -0.8bar
    Material: SS-304 = Stainless Steel
    Volume = 0.654m³
    My main question:
    Will a 4.5mm wall thickness (SS-304) be sufficient enough?

    If yes we will use as "dish ends" 2:1 Semi-ellipsoidal at 6mm THK (Thick) to compensate on the shrinkage on the dish end bend, which is about 18-20%.
    I have formuals for pressure vessels / dish ends only - could I use them as well and use 1 bar pressure - to be safe.

    Best regards and thank you all already for your suggestions - formulas & help given.

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