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Formula for force on mass over distance

  1. Feb 18, 2015 #1
    Okay have need of rebirth do dying brain cells (brain has gone to mush)
    If I wished to use and electromagnet to draw (F=force) on an object (M=mass) the distance of x/t What would I try to remember Or have I and just fergot the rules [ No I know it is forgot, but I'm retired now so it is fer gotten] LOL

    I have also fergotten that at what scale does force increase based on winding's. a Single winding magnet has a draw equal to the E of the Force provided Does a two winding multiply that a factor of 2 or not?
    Help a mind is fragile and a terrible thing to lose.
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    The force between electromagnets and other materials depend on the type of other material, and it can depend on their orientation as well. In general, it is not easy to calculate this force.
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