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Fortran 95 and HTML form

  1. May 13, 2013 #1
    I've got a Fortran 95 program (which basically does few calculations) and I'd like to use it online. So that, the users will input data into a HTML form, the program will run, and it will display the results.

    Would it be possible to do it in the following way?
    To run a little program (e.g. PHP) once the user submits the form, then that program would take the input values from the form and write them into a text file.
    Then it runs the Fortran program, which reads the input values from the text file and does all the calculations - outputting the results to another text file (and then back to the website).

    If that's possible, how do I put all these steps into one thing, so that they'll be executed one after another?

    Thank you very much for your help!
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    That looks very much like a re-post of How to run Fortran program on the website? Please help, but anyway:

    Theoretically, there are many of ways of gluing a module or an an app and a website together, but the choice of architecture largely depends on infrastructure, foremost

    - which web-server,
    - running on which platform,
    - providing which infrastructure

    is taken into consideration?

    And last not least which rights do you have on the box/the OS/the web-server/your site?

    Regards, Solkar
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