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Fortran Formatting Computational Chemistry

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    I require specific formatting for a quantum chemistry calculation. But for some reason I can't seem to write using formatting. I have checked tutorials, but to no avail. Here is my toy program:

    program test_format
    implicit none

    real :: m

    write(*,*) 'Enter a number'
    read(*,*) m
    write(*,fmt='(d4.2)') m

    end program test_format

    After the user inputs a number, the program simply outputs stars: ****.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    in the format Dz.d, the number d is the number of decimals after the point, the number z is the total length of the number, including the exponent, sign etc. Hence z>=d+7. If not, you get ***.
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    I have a problem, here's what the,
    should be from ascii file to extract data that is the n-th row and n-th column
    I do not know how. Could someone help me.
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