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[Fortran] subroutine needs fixing

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    I am trying to use this subroutine which I found online in my model but I am not experienced in programming and I need to know how can I check for errors or debug the code and try to find the mistakes or syntax errors , I have attached the code for your review

    Thank you

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    It would help if you tell us the syntax error messages that you got, at least the first few of them.
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    I am always very hesitant to answer requests like this because I fear it will turn out into a never ending chain of help requests....you cannot be not-experience and do debugging, error checking and programming....you need to put the time to know what you are doing; otherwise, you will simply by the middle man between the program and the forum.

    All I am going to say for now is that the source that you attached has an include statement which expects to find a file named "vaba_param.inc" ...so, you need to get a hold of that file, too, before you can compile the program.

    Also, the file that you have attached is not meant to be compiled in a standalone fashion, nor will produce an executable program...you are supposed to put together your own main program where you assemble your problem and THEN call the subroutine in this file...
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